The harm of crooked repair is five indispensable steps

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-15

it is natural for a car to drive on the road, bumping and scraping. But let the injured car get &ldquo again due to irregular repair and paint repair. It will be too bad to add &rdquo. How does the owner find and avoid this situation?

This Monday, the reporter visited the Chengdu Da Feng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen 4S store on the airport road in the airport road.

Five steps of regular painting are indispensable

Lei Jian, the chief director of the company's service, told reporters that the regular paint started from 5 steps from the plate primer: the antirust primer, the putty (or the putty), the medium coat, the coat (or the face paint), and the last one is the paint. The five steps are indispensable. Regular 4S shops usually do not have the problem of ellipsis. But some non - regular car repair works are cheaper than 4S stores, but they have omitted the process of rust proof lacquer and so on, and the putty on the steel plate can not be seen by the owner.

the maintenance trap is much more than painting. The grinding process before painting is also very important.

In the maintenance workshop, with more than ten years of maintenance experience and two level maintenance qualifications, master Yang told reporters that before the paint was painted, the original paint on the steel plate must be worn out first. But the depth of grinding depends on the damage. Only when the steel plate is changed and the steel plate is injured, it must be grind to the steel plate, and the ordinary scratch only needs to be grind to the putty layer. He pointed out that usually the thickness of the steel plate used in the car is between 0.5-0.8 millimeters, but if the tools are not used properly, or the scale of the grinding is not properly grasped, it is likely that the steel plate must be thinned, which directly affects the anti-collision performance of the steel plate.

it is very difficult to “ fake ” the damaged steel can not be seen well.

: what will happen if you do not apply anti rust paint directly to putty?

Lei Jian: the anticorrosive property of the repaired part will be affected. In areas and areas where acid rain is excessive, rust proof paint is not easy to rust.

reporter: how will the steel grinding too much affect the car?

Lei Jian: too much steel plate grinding has a greater impact on vehicle safety. One is that the ductility of the steel plate will change, which makes the body geometry change; second, grinding makes the body plate thinner, and the collision resistance of the car will be seriously affected. Third, some brand models, such as Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, have double-sided galvanized layer, and too much grinding will cause corrosion resistance, and can not achieve the original steel plate anticorrosion effect.

: after the car is repaired, can the owner receive a way to tell whether the car has been polished or not?

Lei Jian: there is no way. Even if the steel plate is polished too much, as long as it is painted more, the surface will not be visible. The only way to do that is to maintain the car owners in a regular and professional 4S shop. Don't aggravate the damage of cars by taking advantage of the cheap.

Transparent maintenance owners can be supervised on the spot

In the Dongfeng Peugeot 4S store after-sales service department, there are two display plates in the process of automobile painting. The last procedure of the plate, putty and paint is all present at the sight. According to Lei Jian, the company will display all the finishing processes in front of the customer. On the one hand, it hopes to enhance the customer's automobile maintenance knowledge. On the other hand, it also hopes to make the after-sales service of the store more transparent and easy to supervise the consumer.

Ray Jian said that the regular garage should be transparent and open, so many 4S stores change the walls between the customer's lounge and the repair shop to the transparent glass. Although the company usually does not allow customers to enter the repair workshop for safety reasons. But if the customer requests, the customer is allowed to go to the workshop to maintain the first line to supervise the maintenance process.

“ askew ” harm “ fast save ” watch out for a hole.

When the car owner's car accident, the biggest wish is to be able to repair a new in the shortest time, but the general small damage car into the 4S store, at least two or three days to get, so more and more owners choose to go to low prices and fast repair shop repair shop.

8 on 7.8, the general manager of GAC domestic outstanding dealers and the Guangfeng high rise were gathered in Chengdu to participate in the report of the independent R & D project of the three and the new element store. It is reported that three and the new element store independently developed the sheet spray waterline greatly improved efficiency, the customer's minor damage repair is the fastest can be delivered within a day, and ensure the quality of maintenance to TOYOTA global standards.

But a TOYOTA engineer told reporters that the general small damage, in the three and the new element workshop after the transformation of the advanced assembly line work, the fastest also take a day. According to their investigation, some social repair shops reduce many links or use unscientific maintenance methods in order to enable customers to drive new cars as soon as possible.

He said, for example, that when the vehicle collided, the surface paint of the steel plate needed to be worn off. In order to quickly, a lot of shops use rough sand turbines. This tool will also hurt the steel plate while grinding the paint. The thickness of the steel plate is 0.6 millimeters, and some stores can wear the thickness of the steel plate in one half. In addition to the ubiquitous phenomenon of anti rust treatment, the newly built cars are no different from the new car, but after a period of time, the repaired places begin to rust from inside and outside, so that they rust into a hole.

The engineer also said that in some collisions, some of the safety parts of the body will be deformed, and some repair plants, because there is no replacement, are corrected, and these safety pieces are cold rolling steel, very hard, and some repair plants will be repaired by fire and heat recovery. This will result in the performance of the steel. Great changes can no longer meet the needs of safety. And this method of operation is banned in the formal 4S shop.

from this point of view, even if the car is repaired, it is better to go to regular shops.

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