Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao maintenance investigation general maintenance needs 545 yuan

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-15

May Rui Yes Chevrolet Flagship intermediate car has the price and high configuration of the people. Flagship Vehicle model Using the 2.4SIDI cylinder direct injection engine with excellent performance and fuel economy, as a newly listed car, the owner is now near the free first insurance. For this reason, we visited Chevrolet 4S to understand the first insurance project and maintenance parts and price related information, let us understand the Chevrolet maintenance situation together.

Chevrolet maim The initial maintenance price is 545 yuan, mainly the use of better performance of the synthetic oil, the price is slightly higher, but it is worthwhile for the engine. As a newly listed vehicle, the cost of spare parts is currently only the price of ordinary maintenance items, and other items are not clear at the moment. So in your driving May Rui we should be more careful. As a lot of spare parts for new cars, there is no stock at present. If there is an accident, the maintenance cycle will be longer.

at present, we are only aware of the price of ordinary maintenance parts of Mai Rui Bao, and we know that the replacement period is two years. As a whole, Mai Rui Bao is not ready for maintenance, including accident maintenance parts. However, the first and ordinary maintenance will not be affected. We suggest that the fixed mileage of the manufacturer should be used for maintenance.

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