How to handle the warm wind? How can you deal with it correctly?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-15

when we are driving in a snowy or cold environment, we still feel very warm in the car. Car Warm air system. It may not be strange to mention the car's warm air, because everyone can use it, but many people do not understand the working principle of the system. In addition, how do the warm air do not heat?

Modern If the car is divided according to the type of heat source, the car warm air system is mainly divided into two kinds: one is to use the engine coolant as the heat source (most of the vehicles are used at present), and the other is to use fuel as the heat source (a few middle and high grade cars). In order to let you know what is going on in the car warm air system, we will give a brief introduction to the current hot air system, which is widely used as the heat source of the engine coolant.

The principle of car warm air:

when the temperature of the engine coolant is high, the coolant flows through the heat exchanger in the warm air system (usually called the warm air water tank), and the air from the blower is exchanged with the engine cold liquid, and the air is heated by the air blower into the car through the vent. The system is simple and reliable, and no fuel is needed. Hot water can be produced as long as the engine works. But there is also its obvious drawback, that is, the heating of the coolant temperature of the engine must be raised to a large cycle.

Warm air opening steps:

after.1. car starts, about 8-15 minutes later, the water temperature rises to the normal temperature, at this time can open the warm air. (that is, when the water temperature rises to the middle)

2. adjusts the circulation mode of air conditioning into the vehicle cycle.

3. is adjusted to warm air mode, some cars are red areas, and some cars are represented by the sun.

4. do not turn on the air conditioner (do not turn on the AC switch), because the warm air is the use of the car's own heat cycle, saving energy!

5. air conditioning gear adjustment suitable for stalls, adjust the outlet wind direction. The direction of warm air blowing is usually blowing at the front and at the foot, and the cold wind is usually blowing forward.

How do the warm air do not heat?

the car's warm air system is not used for a long time, and there will be a lot of minor failures. As a car owner, you can first do the following steps: 1. check the hot and cold windshield, see whether the air conditioner is transferred to the hot air gear; 2. check the electronic fan temperature control switch; 3. check the water temperature heater. Generally speaking, the heating system of the vehicle can be divided into two reasons: one is the cooling system of the engine and the other is the bad work of the control mechanism of the warm air. These problems are somewhat more difficult for ordinary owners, and some of them are more complicated to maintain.

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