Winter snowy travel difficult, safe driving three keys

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-15

The weather has plummeted sharply since winter. Not only is the temperature falling faster with the cold air coming, but many places have already entered the snow season in advance. During the recent period, the snowfall in Northeast China has caused great obstacles to the travel and work of many citizens, and the snowfall not only makes the road slippery, but the safety of driving vehicles has become a hot topic for the drivers of driving vehicles. Many owners have begun to replace the snowy foetus for the vehicles and prevent accidents. It happened.

although the cooling rate in Tianjin was not as big as that in the northeast, it did not usher in the first heavy snow in 2013 winter, but Car the maintenance work can not be slack. In winter automobile maintenance, especially in places where frequent rain and snow, the replacement of snow tire is essential, the overhaul of engine and brake system also needs to be paid attention to.

replacing snow ground with different vehicles to avoid vehicle slippage.

the Tianjin area is not too serious even in the winter and the snowy season in the northeast, so it is not necessary to replace the snow tyres for vehicles that are often in the city. However, for some owners who lack experience in driving on ice and snow roads, they can replace the snow ground according to their own needs. In the spring of next year, just replace the ordinary tire. The snow tyre will last at least 4 years. Because the snow tire lines and scratch the ground are different from the general tire, so frequently used, it will also affect the vehicle fuel consumption, the owner can choose to change according to the situation.

the braking system often overhaul and reduce the accident rate

In winter, due to the influence of rain and snow on the road, it will cause some difficulties for the driver to drive. If the accident can be stopped in time, the person's personal safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, owners often feel whether the brake has weakened or deviated, and whether the pedal of the brake pedal has changed. If there is any abnormal change, check the repair shop in time and clean up the pipeline part of the whole braking system if necessary.

Regular replacement of oil in engine system

the engine system needs oil, antifreeze and brake oil to ensure the normal operation of the system, not only for lubrication, but also to ensure that the system will not freeze because of low temperature. Therefore, regular inspection of oil quality, whether overdue and timely replacement are all needed to be noticed during driving in winter.

Please slow down the ice road

when it snows, it is not easy to run on the road, and ice roads after snow will bring some danger to the moving cars. With a layer of thin ice on the road, the friction coefficient of the car tire and the road surface is reduced, the adhesion is reduced, and the driving wheel is easy to skid or turn, especially when it is upslope, starting, and parking, and the phenomenon of post slipping will appear. If the vehicle is suddenly accelerated or decelerated, it is easy to slip and run in the direction; meet the situation tight. When braking, the braking distance will be greatly prolonged, which is 4 times higher than that of the general dry road. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that netizens who drive after snow should maintain a relatively stable state on speed, and remember to drive fast.

Editor's summary

vehicle maintenance, especially in winter, is not a new topic, but it is an important issue for every driver in winter. No matter in which season, security needs to be noticed at any time. At the moment when the vehicle occupancy is saturated, the safety of itself and others needs protection.

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