Snow is easy to freeze, and batteries are most afraid of low temperature

Category:Braking system - Date:2018-04-15

how can the owner of the car be better driving Car?? What should we pay attention to in the process of using the car?

Snow driving to avoid emergency steering wheel

In the last few days, a car owner who has returned home for the Spring Festival in WeChat said that it is not easy to drive in the snow, and it is not easy to drive in the snow, especially the steering wheel, the emergency direction will cause a car accident, so now we are afraid to drive in my home.

In this case, the car professionals say that the snowy day driving avoids the rush steering, rapid acceleration or brakes, and should drive as low as possible. In the process of driving, a little careless vehicle is easy to slip. No matter whether vehicles equipped with ABS, before braking, it is better to pre press several brakes, which can remind the rear car to slow down to avoid rear end collision. Turning the steering wheel should be as smooth as possible in order to avoid steering in the middle of the curve.

It's best not to pull a hand brake on snowy days

As soon as the spring has just passed, most of the cities in the north have been snowy. Some friends drove back to Shaanxi for the new year. Yesterday, WeChat asked, the handbrake could not be put down, the brake disc was frozen, and asked what good advice could avoid such a phenomenon.

in fact, no matter where, car owners are accustomed to pull the handbrake when they stop, so as to avoid sliding cars. But in snowy weather, there is usually snow on the brake disc. If the brake is pulled up at night, the brake disc may be frozen. So it is better to stop the car on the flat road, then hang the car on the parking gear, and look for the support to fix the vehicle, so that the brake disc can be avoided as much as possible, and the car can also be avoided.

The phenomenon of sideslip or tail flick is not panic

it is often seen that a car owner appears to be more scared when he sideslip or flick.

In fact, when this phenomenon occurs, do not panic, at this time, we should light the oil throttle and slightly back to the direction, in turn and back to the correct adjustment, but not too large, not more than the normal driving position of the wheel limit. When the vehicle returns to the right side, gently step on the brakes until the whole situation is completely controlled. Avoid braking when the sideslip or tail flick occurs. This will cause the body to be out of control and cause accidents.

the car battery is also afraid of low temperature

in the vehicle, the battery in the car cabin is most afraid of low temperature. Under low temperature, the capacitance of battery is much lower than that of normal temperature. Battery life is usually two years, and this time is at low temperature.4S store regular inspection and maintenance of battery connector to ensure a solid combination of battery and tie line, better conductive performance.

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