Winter driving should pay attention to how to prevent frosting at low temperature

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the cold wind is blowing hard and the winter is approaching. In the ice and snow, our engine is still burning with passion and vigor. Recently, many car owners have consulted on winter driving related issues. In order to give you some effective advice on winter driving, we4S store professionals provide you with some suggestions on winter driving and vehicle maintenance for your reference.

First, it is difficult to start in winter

many riders reflect that when driving in winter, it will be more difficult to start in the morning.

Explain: start the vehicle in winter, because the temperature at night is very low, and the low temperature will slow down the oil flow in the engine. Therefore, the minimum starting temperature of the oil will be required, so it is recommended to use the quality guaranteed oil recommended by the 4S store, and the use of the approved brand model oil to ensure the stable working condition of our car love at the moment, and to prolong the service life of the vehicle parts more effectively.

Suggestion: we suggest that the owner uses the oil recommended by the 4S store. At the same time, we suggest that the owner turn the key to the starting state of the vehicle before starting, and the owner can directly press the start key without stepping on the brake. The purpose is to allow the vehicle to complete the self inspection before the start of the car, and to start the vehicle to better protect the vehicle's circuit after self inspection. And minimize the load when the vehicle starts, then turn off the radio, the interior lighting and air conditioning, and then start the vehicle. The owner of the manual gear can also step on the clutch to start up. The long-term adherence can prolong the working life of the pneumatic motor. It's very good for our car.

Two, winter glass Frosting

many riders reflect that there are many frosts on the windows in winter morning, which affect the line of sight very much.

Description: when we stop, the car will keep a comfortable temperature because of the effect of air conditioning. In the late night, the temperature outside the car is very cold, so cold air contact with the temperature of the glass will produce condensate, and frost at low temperature.

Suggestion: we suggest that when the air conditioning is closed when parking is closed, the air conditioning air duct is adjusted to the external circulation state and then closed. Even in the condition of external circulation + low temperature setting, the air conditioning can run for a period of time so that the temperature in the car is reduced to the extent of the condensate of the car window, but it is not recommended to take the car. The window opens a gap, because in the public parking environment, the window gap is likely to cause the loss of the property in our car, and at least dirty the interior of our car.

If the frost has been made, do not use hot water to flush the glass, even if the products with very high quality and high temperature resistance range, the car glass can be cracked under the shock of sudden cold and heat. Besides, we should not use hot water to rush, nor do we need to use the wiper immediately. Because the condensate will flow down the windshield before frost, the possibility of the windshield glass being frostbite is very large, and the windshield wiper can not only cause the torn and damage of the windshield wiper, but also possibly cause the wiper motor to burn up because of the wiper adhesion on the windshield. And if the glass water is relatively low, it may burn the glass water pump.

The correct method is: after we can start the vehicle, when the engine temperature rises, the glass is added to increase the glass temperature with the option of blowing glass in the air conditioning option. In addition, you can buy some special low temperature glass water at 4S store. The low temperature environment glass not only provides clear and bright visual feeling for you, but also protects the normal operation of your vehicle cleaning system in the low temperature environment.

Three, about winter hot cars

many riders reflect whether winter should be idle for some time after starting, until the water temperature rises.

Explanation: because the temperature of the winter is cold, so the lubricating oil in the engine and the gearbox can not reach the standard flow and working state for the first time, so it is no problem to give the engine a preheating time, but if it keeps at a very low idle speed, the pressure of the oil pump is unable to take the machine. Oil hits the top of the engine, so a long hot car may cause unnecessary wear on the top camshaft, and it is more likely to produce carbon in the engine cylinder.

Suggestion: we suggest that the car friend is starting Car After that, you can drive at a slower speed, as long as the speed does not exceed 2000, and the oil film on the engine parts will protect the engine from excessive wear and tear, and the lubricating oil in the running mechanism can be attached to the operating mechanism faster and better in the process of low speed. The cars are getting into work faster.

The start of driving safety in four and winter

a lot of riders reflect that the rear drive will skidding in the snow, and it will be dangerous when it starts.

Explanation: as the torque of some rear drive cars is very large, it may be slippery when the friction force is relatively small, and the cause of the tail flick, if not, is usually due to the position of the rear wheel of the rear drive.

Suggestion: first, we must keep the straight forward direction of the front wheel, do not swing our steering wheel because of skidding, in the skidding state, twisting the steering wheel is certain to cause the tail. So we suggest that you put your hands in the direction of the steering wheel at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. The reason is that as long as the position of our hands is flat, the angle position of our wheel must be upright and not offset. Second, we use the automatic gear friend in the D gear “ forward to block ” then switch to the hand from one mode, choose to use 2 or even 3 gear to start, in this case, can reduce the rear wheel in the moment to the ground torque, in order to achieve the normal start effect. If it is the owner of the manual, we can start by hanging the 2 or 3 gear directly on the 2 or 3 gear after activating the function, which can also achieve a better start effect.

The brakes on driving safety in five and winter

Many car friends reflect: in winter, it is easy to lock on the brakes in the winter, although it has the aid of anti lock, but in the downhill, it is still very easy to slip on the brakes. It is very dangerous.

Description: Although there is ABS anti lock support, but a lot of owners in the ABS boot, because of the pedal rebound, will be very tense, and cause the brakes to go to the end, so the brake distance is very long, and it is easy to start a short time before the ABS system work to lead to car sideslip.

Suggestion: first of all, we suggest that you do the same as the start, as far as possible to ensure that the direction of the front wheel is consistent with the direction of the vehicle inertia, that is, the hands are placed at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock direction of the steering wheel, both hands are flat and the wheels are put forward. Then we suggest that in an emergency, our riders will step on the brakes vigorously. As long as the direction of the steering wheel is positive, the car will not skid obviously, and the ABS system will be able to control the brake pedal when working, so that the driver will not feel a very obvious return when ABS begins to work. Therefore, the braking distance of the car can be controlled by pushing the brake to the bottom.

In addition, when the rain and snow days need urgent brakes, our brake distance will increase the brake distance because of the attachment of rain or snow on the brake disc, and it is very important for the owner of our car to control the speed of the car for the first time.

Six, the main points of winter maintenance

In addition, the maintenance of winter is also very important. In addition to the above mentioned oil and glass water, the cryogenic antifreeze can not freeze in the case of engine shutdown and very low ambient temperature, so it will not cause the water tank to freeze because of the low outdoor temperature, and it can be more shorter after the car is started. The time provides better support for engine cooling.

Winter tires provide more considerate driving protection for the vast number of friends. Winter tires have very cold resistant silicide materials, special rib designs and self cleaning treads, even if the temperature is below 7 degrees, when your car travels at 30 kilometers per hour on the frozen pavement. When braking, the tire will shorten by 11 meters more than that of the ordinary summer tyres. The maximum protection of driver and vehicle safety.

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