Winter snow and ice cars also need to strengthen maintenance and protection

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winter, you should pay attention to keep warm, your car should also timely maintenance, attention to maintenance. In winter, what are the problems to pay attention to in the maintenance of car love? For this reason, I interviewed the professional vehicle maintenance personnel of Hangzhou Baoxin BMW after-sales service department.

Care for details from outside and outside

in winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. If your car is scratched, you should pay attention to it. The scratch area will be damp and corroded. Therefore, the exterior of the body needs to be treated with spray paint in time. At the time of the season, the surface of the car will be oxidized. It is best to make a series of cosmetic maintenance from cleaning, polishing to wax, glazing or coating for your car's surface. In addition, the door shaft and guide rail, because it is easy to rust in the rain and often exposed in the wind and rain, will cause abnormal noise when the switch is switched on, so long as the rust oil is coated on the top of the switch, it can solve the problem.

The interior of the carriage is the focus of maintenance. The compartment is the main activity area of the vehicle owners. The small enclosed space is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly open windows and ventilate regularly to clean the exterior and interior parts of the car. Simple, you can use your own hands-on disinfectant scrub, the best time to find a special maintenance shop with ultraviolet light irradiation or high temperature disinfection sterilization, to the car to a thorough disinfection, healthy health after a winter.

Care for the specific parts of the car

tire plays an important role in the safe driving of vehicles. To maintain this &ldquo, &rdquo, you need to know a few common sense.

in winter, the outside temperature is relatively low, and the air pressure inside and outside the tyre must be kept within a certain range, so as to avoid blowout. Rubber becomes hard and brittle in winter, and it tends to leak and even tire. Therefore, it should be often checked whether the tires have scratches. In addition, tire wear is not the same inside and outside. In order to ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be changed regularly and the clamps in the tread should be cleaned regularly.

the engine is like the &ldquo of the car; the heart ” The engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze shall be checked regularly to see if the oil is sufficient, whether it is spoiled, and whether it has reached the replacement cycle. These oils, like the blood of a car, must be replaced in order to ensure the smooth circulation of the oil.

brake system maintenance, you need to pay attention to the driving process. It is often necessary to feel whether the brake has been weakened or deviated, and whether the pedal of the brake pedal has been changed. If there is any abnormal change, check the repair shop in time and clean up the pipeline part of the whole braking system if necessary.

battery maintenance mainly checks whether there is green oxide at the electrode junction. The existence of green oxide will cause the generator power shortage, so that the battery is in a state of power loss. In severe cases, it will also lead to battery scrapping or failure to get a car. If these green oxides are found, they must be washed away with boiling water.

for chassis maintenance, it is recommended that the car owners install chassis armor, which prevents chassis corrosion. Chassis armored is a special elastic glial material sprayed on the surface of the chassis, which can be rustproof, anti wear, shock absorption and noise reduction. It is like wearing strong armor for the chassis of the car, so that the chassis is from &ldquo to ” This is also the most effective chassis protection measure at present.

Finally, it is the maintenance of the air conditioning in the carriage. Summer and winter are the periods when vehicle air conditioners are overloaded. In order to prevent the condenser from rusting, it is particularly important to maintain the air-conditioner for your car in winter. I hope the owners can enjoy a warm winter in the car.

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