Four wonderful tips for driving cars on snowy days

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snowy driving is the &ldquo of the car owners; the commonplace ” the snowy day car maintenance is also the key topic for people to talk about in winter. The owners of cars must first prepare for the snowy day's car maintenance and driving. Calm and snowy, happy to welcome the first snow in Xi'an.

The driving skills should be mastered in the snow

1. moving straight on the ice surface

when driving on an icy road, take a straight line.

Keep the safe distance from being overtaken when you have to overtake, and do not rush back to the original road after overtaking, but to return to the original road after the car opens enough distance from the rear car.

to reduce the gear and speed up early in the meeting and turning. The downhill speed must be controlled within the controllable range. On the ice surface, you should keep your speed on the throttle and keep it at a uniform speed. Keep away from the wet and wet place when driving and parking. During the night, we should avoid the potholes and water, otherwise the tire might be frozen.

correctly manipulate the steering wheel when.2. is sideslip

when handling vehicle sideslip, steering wheel correctly can avoid tail flick or turn around. The steering wheel should be gently driven along the side slip direction. After the body is turned back, the brake will be slowed down until the vehicle is completely controlled.

3. gear reduction control speed

on the ice road surface, we should learn how to control the speed by reducing gears and let the engine brake. Try not to step on the brake. If necessary, you can use the hand brake to control the speed. Therefore, do not drive at high speed in winter, and must maintain a certain distance from the front car. Otherwise, it is difficult to slow down the vehicle in a short time when driving at high speed.

when the vehicle speed drops, it can be supplemented by trampled braking to control the speed. Experienced drivers say that slowing down on the ice roads is the main reason for slowing down by reducing gears, and slowing down on braking is only a supplement.

on snowy days, many people have to go to &ldquo with rain and snow, and &rdquo. Especially for those who have no garage, they can only park their cars outside. After snow, if the rain and snow covered in the car can not be removed in time, the car paint will surely be eroded by the acid rain and the corrosion in the rain and snow. The long time may rust the car paint and make the outer glaze lose its gloss, and the car paint will be peeled off when it is serious. If we can't remove the snow that adhered to the chassis in time, it will corrode the chassis. Because it's on the road Car tyres will throw snow water with high salinity to the chassis of the vehicle. After the fine weather, the chassis of the vehicle will start to rust.

If there is too much dirt on the chassis, it is best to carefully clean the chassis with the cleaning agent that can remove the oil, so that the chassis is exposed to the original &ldquo and the bottom color ” so that the real antirust treatment can be formally started.

although the snow is not yet ready, preparations must be made. It is snowing, and the most important concern of drivers is driving and keeping cars. It is hoped that the cars of the car owners will drive safely in the snow.

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