Three major anti skid technology differences of ESP/TCS/ Snow Land Model

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this year's snowy weather is very early. Let's not mention that some areas in the north have been damaged by snow and snow has not been snowed in Shanghai for a long time. In rainy days, many owners want their cars to be equipped with ESP system or TCS system, even if there is a snowfield mode. Because these active safety systems can provide drivers with safer protection on wet surfaces. But what are the connections and differences between the three?

the three major anti-skid technologies have their own characteristics

ESP electronic body stabilization system

ESP, the full name of Electronic Stabilty Program, refers to the electronic stabilization system or the electronic body stabilization system, which was first invented by German Bosch. This is an electronic system that prevents the vehicle from running out of control when encountering sudden conditions. Generally, ESP is integrated with ABS/EBD/BAS/ASR and other electronic auxiliary systems, but because of the different strategies of the automobile manufacturers, the name of the electronic stabilization system is different, for example, in Alfa ·, Romeo and Infiniti, it is called VDC; BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover are called DSC; eulogize It's called VSA; Ferrari calls it CST.

In winter, it is easy for us to meet the slippery ice and snow road, driving on such a road, and if the tire is skidding, it is easy to have a situation of oversteering or lack of control. A vehicle equipped with ESP can brake the inner rear wheel when there is insufficient steering, so that the vehicle will return to the correct route, and when the vehicle has oversteering, it will brake the outer front wheel so that the vehicle will return to the correct route. To a certain extent, make your snowfield safer and more safe.

TCS traction control system

the full name of.TSC is Traction Control System, namely traction control system, also known as tracking control system. The main function of this system is to prevent the vehicle from losing control when it slips. On the ice and snow roads in winter, the driving wheel is easier to slip when the vehicle starts and accelerates rapidly, and TCS arises at the historic moment. TCS relies on an electronic sensor to detect that the speed of the moving wheel is lower than the driving wheel (this is the feature of skidding). It will send out a signal to adjust the ignition time, reduce the opening of the valve, reduce the throttle, reduce the gear or brake wheels, so that the wheels are not skidded. It can improve driving stability, speed up and improve climbing ability. If TCS and ABS cooperate with each other, they will further enhance the safety performance of the vehicle. TCS and ABS can share the wheel speed sensor on the axle, and connect with the driving computer, constantly monitor the speed of each wheel. When the skid is found at low speed, the TCS will immediately notify the ABS movement to reduce the skidding of the wheel. When the skid is found at high speed, TCS immediately sends instructions to the driving computer, directing the speed of the engine or the transmission of the transmission, so that the pulley is not skidded and the tail of the vehicle is prevented from running out of control.

Compared with ESP, the way ESP stabilise the body is directly acting on the tire brake disc, and TCS is mainly controlled by the ignition time of the engine, the adjustment of the transmission gear and the regulation of the oil supply system to control the driving wheel skidding, and can not control any of the 4 wheels like ESP, only through the independent brake drive wheel. To prevent the sliding of the vehicle. Therefore, compared with ESP, TCS has some limitations.

Snowfield driving mode

compared with ESP and TCS, there is a more common way to deal with snowy days, that is, snowfield mode, which is generally configured on automatic vehicle models. Most of the working principle of snowfield mode is to reduce engine running speed, prevent vehicle from losing power due to wheel skidding and improve the four wheel adhesion. When driving, try to make the engine operate at low speed and reduce torque loss on the premise of ensuring power output.

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