Train thirty-six to master snow day to cope with wet skid

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-15

The weather is cold, many areas in the north have begun to snow, although the snow is good, but at the same time, it also has a certain impact on traffic, how to drive safely in the snow is particularly important. So, what problems do you need to pay attention to in snowy driving?

One, “ 36 meters slow first ”

the key to driving in snowy days is &ldquo, slow &rdquo! Because there are many unpredictable factors in snowy days, driving on snowy days, the car is easy to spin or slip, and the probability of car accidents is increasing. We must keep the distance from the front car twice as much as usual, keep it at a low speed, and pay attention to the surrounding conditions and road conditions at any time.

Two. Do not drive fiercely

a friend who drives a manual car must slowly lift the clutch and light the oil. The friend who drives the automatic car should lock the gear in the low gear, if it has the snow mode function, it should be opened in time. To slow down slowly and lightly on the brake, never start or brake on a slippery road. It must be slowly accelerated to avoid tyre slippage. When braking, a longer brake distance must be reserved. Then the brakes are gently and smoothly. When the road area is deep snow, try to walk on the track of other vehicles, or the road that has been dried by the vehicle.

Three, car skidding do not panic

Don't be flurried when the vehicle is skidding. The steering wheel should gently turn along the skidding direction. After the vehicle is back, the brake is gently stepped on the brake until the whole situation is completely controlled. Manually operated vehicles without ABS system should be &ldquo when they brake; one is loose, the other is &rdquo, and the ground is connected with a point brake. The vehicle equipped with ABS brake system must step on the end once on the brake, and control the steering wheel at the same time, use “ point brake ” the method can not make the system play a role, but it is easy to be dangerous.

Four, deal with the slope calmly

when climbing in the snow, it is extremely dangerous. It must be twice as long as the previous vehicle. When downhill, we must use the principle of engine deceleration with the brake, do not always rely on the brakes. If the start fails, pull the handbrake immediately and start with the handbrake.

Five. Quick deicing tips

outdoor parking. After a night, there will be a layer of frost on the glass. How can we remove the ice quickly? Please do not try to remove the ice with hot water. When hot water is poured out, it will immediately freeze again, which will increase the difficulty of deicing. A common deicing trick is to start the engine and turn on the warm air first. Car ice and snow shovels for glass are slowly removed from ice chunk. If there is no ice and snow shovel, the bigger hard plastic cap can be fasten slowly on the glass. The ice and snow are covered in the car. It is necessary to clean all the ice and snow first, because after the car starts, the residual snow may form the dead angle of the driver's line of sight, and the snow and ice will affect the safety of other drivers.

snowy weather is especially important for new drivers, so it is recommended that new drivers should not drive in snowy days. At the same time, it is also hoped that a family of vehicles will try to travel by public transport as far as possible so as to avoid possible trouble. Finally, I wish the majority of the drivers and friends a safe journey.

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