When winter comes, cars also need to keep warm. 7 attention should be paid to winter cars

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with the increasingly cold temperatures, vehicles are also facing the cold test. It is particularly important to cherish the car before winter. If the car can not pass the winter very well, it will be enough for you as a car owner.

The antifreeze of the cooling system is changed for two years

We must use antifreeze in winter. When the temperature is lower than zero, if the engine's cooling system is ordinary water, it is easy to make ice, it is not good for the car to start, and it will almost cause the serious damage of the engine. According to statistics, the cooling system fault is the number one killer that causes the engine failure, and it is more of the engine. About 60% of the total number of failures! Therefore, the use of antifreeze in winter can effectively curb the occurrence of freezing events in the cooling system.

so do not forget to check the antifreeze in winter. Generally speaking, Xiaobian suggests that antifreeze should be changed every two years. However, if you have ever had the behavior of adding ordinary water in the antifreeze, the antifreeze should be changed early, and the color of the antifreeze should be paid attention to and the color can not be mixed.

as far as the choice of antifreeze is concerned, the lower the freezing point is, the stronger the frost resistance of the antifreeze will undoubtedly be. At present, the freezing point of antifreeze in the market is - 15, - 25, - 30, - 40 C, and the ice point should be more than 10 degrees lower than the lowest temperature in the area.

No substitute for water sprinkler system

even if the use of the wiper system is significantly reduced in winter, it can not be ignored, especially in the northern region. The same as antifreeze, although in the summer can be replaced with clean water and clean water, but in winter, these alternatives are likely to freeze, so it can not be used in winter. In the environment below zero degrees Celsius in winter, the freezing winter glass water should be replaced, or the proper proportion of alcohol in glass water can be added to reduce freezing point and frost resistance.

car body varnish is not easy to be exposed to ice.

Xiaobian recommends that people who love cars make a &ldquo for the whole body before the winter; beauty ” Because after winter, the number of vehicles that are freezing and brushing will be reduced. So waxing in early winter is a good way to maintain vehicle paint. In addition, wax waxed body is not easy to touch water, and winter paint is not easy to appear condensation.

Tire tire pressure should not be too low

in winter, the tire pressure should not be too high, but it should not be too low. The external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tire accelerates seriously. In winter, we should clean the inclusions in the tread regularly, try to avoid using the tire that has been mended more than once, and replace the tyres which are worn out and have different brands and different patterns. Tyre wear is different between inside and outside. In order to ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be regularly balanced four times to change tire position.

do not use hot water to wash wipers when they are covered with snow water.

If it is found that the wiper is stuck on the windshield in the early morning, do not wash it directly with hot water, so it is easy to crack the window and deform the wiper because of the temperature change. The right way is to open the air conditioner to the hot air, the blow mode for the front windshield, the wiper to open naturally, and don't forget to add the antifreeze glass water for the wiper sprinkling pot.

intake system clean throttle prevents inability to ignite.

during the cold winter season, cars may not start. Apart from the fact that the cooling system and battery capacity are not enough, most of the reason is due to excessive carbon accumulation in throttle and intake ports. The excessive carbon accumulation in the throttle itself can easily cause the phenomenon that the ignition can not be ignited. In the summer, the valve carbon accumulation may not affect the engine starting, but in winter, the gasoline volatilization is affected by the lower temperature of the vehicle in winter and the relatively weak ignition ability of the gasoline under the same condition, and the engine may fail to ignition or need to be ignited. It needs to be ignited many times. Therefore, it is suggested that owners should clean the throttle of engine throttle during winter.

In general, it is suggested that the spark plug is checked at the same time that the throttle is cleaned at about twenty thousand kilometers per interval, and it can prevent the ignition of the engine from happening.

lubricating oil in the cold system of the lubricating system will affect the startup.

as we all know, lubricating oil has three functions of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. The normal flow of oil is an important medium to ensure the normal operation of the engine. However, the realization of these functions is mainly related to the viscosity and fluidity of engine oils. The viscosity of the oil will change with the temperature.

in summer, because of the high temperature and good oil fluidity, the engine uses the oil with large viscosity to ensure the proper consistency to effectively achieve the lubrication effect. But the cold weather in winter leads to the thickening of the oil of the cold car, thus affecting the starting up and increasing the wear of the machine parts. At the same time, too thin motor oil will reduce lubrication and sealing performance. Therefore, the oil in the oil pan and air compressor should be changed into winter oil in the winter, and the gear oil in the transmission, the distributor, the differential and the steering gear should be replaced with the gear oil used in the winter. After cleaning the wheel bearing, the lubricating oil with low viscosity is added.

if the oil change time is near or near, it is best to change it before the weather gets cold.

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