How to maintain proper car maintenance in winter?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-14

The minimum temperature of a continuous number of days is below zero, and the capital is formally entered in winter. The sudden drop of temperature not only has a great influence on the driving, but also the cold weather can also cause the failure of the vehicle, so this is the case. Car Maintenance is particularly important.

In the interview, many cars4S store the technical experts said that the zero temperature of a part of the car that did not make a winter test for a vehicle had to take some measures, otherwise if the vehicle was bad on the road, it would bring more trouble.

Beijing Yinghua Lexus Li Haipeng, the general technician of the after-sales service department of.4S store, said that with the decrease of the temperature, the flow performance of the engine oil will be worse and the engine running resistance increases. If the engine oil is not used properly, it is easy to cause the engine to start difficult and the engine is not lubricated, which causes the parts to accelerate wear and tear.

“ this requires that owners who do not detect the oil must check the oil at this time and replace it if necessary. ” Li Haipeng reminding that the lubricating oil must be selected when the oil is changed. The ambient temperature applicable to the different viscosity grades is different. The general area (Beijing) chooses the oil under the viscosity label of 10W, which is more cold in the cold area, and the oil of the 5W or 0W label should be better.

According to FAW - - Volkswagen Chen Gang, technical director of the 4S shop of Yatai, introduces that the temperature is kept at zero for a long time, and the owner must check whether the liquid level of the coolant is normal. If it is found that the liquid level of the coolant is lower than that of the lower line, it should be added in time. At the same time, we need to check the freezing point of the antifreeze. If the freezing point is too low, we need to replace it in time, so as not to crack the cylinder body in cold winter and cause engine damage.

The above two technical experts tell the reporter that the battery plays an important role in the use of the car. If the battery is insufficient, the engine will not start normally. At the same time, there are more electrical equipment in winter, such as glass heating, seat heating and other electrical equipment. So it is quite necessary to check and maintain the battery after winter.

“ because the capacity of the battery at low temperature is much lower than that at normal temperature, so the battery should be checked thoroughly before winter, measure the starting voltage of the battery, check the liquid level of the electrolyte, check the loosening or corrosion of the electrode joint, check the connection of the wire beam, charge the charge when necessary, ensure the hair. The motive is normal. ” Li Haipeng said.

in addition, according to Li Haipeng, cleaning and maintenance of vehicle chassis system after snow is more important. Because of the bare chassis, many colloid hose will become brittle at low temperature. If the friction and scraping with the hard material will lead to the leakage of the oil, it is important to check the oil leakage in the chassis in winter.

“ the road is wet and slippery in winter, so it is very necessary for vehicle owners to maintain the brake system in advance. ” Li Haipeng believes that the first thing to check is whether the brake fluid level is normal and whether the quality is worse. The replacement period of the brake fluid is 40 thousand km, which needs to be replaced regularly. The owner also checks whether the brake hose has cracks or aging, the wear of brake discs and brake pads, so as to ensure that the vehicle's braking performance is in good condition.

In the end, it is an old question whether or not a hot car is needed in winter. Li Haipeng believes that if time permits, a hot car can be properly heated for 2-3 minutes, which is good for the vehicle.

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