Talking about the preparation of different types of cars for vehicle maintenance before winter

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with the gradual cooling of the weather and the approaching footsteps of winter, the owners of leather seats will find that the seats are really cool when they enter the car in the morning. In addition to the appearance that you can find, Car the components are also stealthily facing the colder temperatures. Judging by the winter of the vehicle, we take the minimum temperature zero as the zero boundary value, and when you find that the night temperature drops below zero, then your vehicle really goes into winter. So, what preparations should we make before that? The following are 1-5 years of new cars and more than 5 years of “ old ” cars for two winter proposals. In 5 years Vehicle model The relative car conditions are better, the main concern is the routine maintenance, and more than 5 years of vehicles should pay close attention to the aging of the components according to the actual use.

A big analysis of the automobile winter inspection project: before winter, make a complete inspection and maintenance of the vehicle and deal with some minor problems, so that in the extreme temperature, those small diseases bring more serious influence to the vehicle.

1, the car must pay attention to the winter: the battery

in winter, the cold and dry weather poses a serious threat to the battery of vehicles. When the vehicle is flameout, remember to close all the electric equipment on the car. If the electric equipment on the car is forgotten and the battery is consumed overnight, the second days may be free of electricity at any time, causing the vehicle to be unable to start. Therefore, it is very important to check the car for winter to check the car battery.

generally speaking, the life of the battery is about two years. If your car battery reaches the time of change, you should pay attention to preparation in advance.

2. Car must pay attention to winter: brake system

When the brake system is checked in winter, it is necessary to check whether the brake has no deviation and weak, the pedal dynamics of the brake pedal has changed, and the whole brake system should be cleaned up when necessary.

3, the car must pay attention to the winter: Oil

in winter, different quality oils will cause different viscosity due to the low temperature. The viscosity of the engine oil is low, and the engine starts quickly. The high viscosity of the oil will cause it to be difficult to flow. When the car starts up, it will take a long time and it will cause damage to the vehicle.

weapon: whether the winter car needs to change the oil, the answer is No. Now the car is basically using the four seasons oil, even in the South made vehicles, can also fully adapt to the cold winter climate in the north, as long as the use of the manufacturer's oil, even if the long distance to the north, the cold winter in the north is absolutely no problem. The SAE on the oil mark determines the minimum temperature and maximum temperature of the motor oil running according to the oil viscosity grade.

the important function of oil is dependent on an important characteristic — — viscosity, the viscosity property of the oil can provide a protective film to the parts of the engine. The commonly referred viscosity is the physical property of the oil, which is intended to be a difficult degree of fluid or semi fluid flow, that is, the usual “ the thick ” or “ the daughter-in-law. The viscosity is high and the speed of flow is slow.

The special type oil marks of low temperature environment are: SAEOW, SAEl5W, SAE20W and so on. The W after SAE indicates the winter, and the number also indicates the viscosity. The smaller the number, the lower the viscosity. This type of oil is used for low temperature in winter, the lower the viscosity of the engine oil, the greater the starting speed of the engine; the lower the pour point of the oil, the more easy the oil will be pumped, the faster the arrival of the lubricating part and the shortening of the dry friction time of the machine parts. The smaller the figure before W, the better the flow of lubricating oil at low temperature, the easier it is to start cold start.

In cold winter, if the oil is not marked in winter, it will not be easy to flow, then the engine will be seriously damaged when it is started, so each owner should check the oil on its own car before winter.

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