The most practical eight points north winter car and car maintenance little sense

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the temperature is below zero in many parts of North China. The temperature is low, it will be right Car there are many adverse effects, such as the cold car is not easy to start, the water temperature is low, etc., in addition to affecting the use of vehicles, may also exacerbate vehicle wear. Let's introduce some common knowledge of northern winter car maintenance.

Common sense of winter car maintenance in the North:

1. oil and engine

The winter temperature in the north is especially low, and the winter is a special season for private owners. If we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the engine, the efficiency of the engine will be reduced. Check whether the label is low temperature, whether there is lack or deterioration. Heavy oil in winter cold cars will affect startup and increase wear of machine parts. At the same time, too thin motor oil will reduce lubrication and sealing performance. The choice of a good oil can maximize the maintenance of the engine, each brand has the corresponding oil, the choice of a good oil is not only good psychological feeling, the use of good oil to optimize the engine, but also help to save fuel.

2. battery

Battery is also the focus of winter maintenance, if it can not supply the normal power supply, the engine and the circuit system on the car will follow the problem, so it is necessary to maintain the battery in winter. The maintenance of the battery is mainly to check the level of the liquid level of the electrolyte regularly, check the voltage and current, ensure the electrolyte to reach the level of the specified liquid level. If necessary, the battery electrolyte should be added. But the private owner has no professional guidance, do not try &ldquo alone; understand the ” the battery, because the battery is in this black box is sulphuric acid!! (although the concentration is very low, but the skin still has a clear burning sense)

3. brake oil

brake oil will absorb moisture in the air when it is used. After too long use, the water content in the oil will increase.

it is possible to freeze in severe cold. This is not very common, but the consequences are serious. Please refer to the manufacturer's requirements and maintain it regularly.

preheating of.4.

In winter, the driving should be preheated and then run. If the car starts running without preheating, it will easily lead to early wear of cylinder liner, axle neck, gear, tire and other components. In addition, the rapid heating up of the accelerator will increase fuel consumption and damage the engine. Because the wear volume of the engine during cold start is half of the total wear volume, pre heating before running can reduce this wear and prolong the life of the engine. In addition, the gearbox needs to be preheated. Under the condition of chiller, multiple starting should be avoided, otherwise the wear and tear of the moving parts will be aggravated, and the whole working life of the engine and even the engine will be reduced.

5. cooling system

water tanks, pumps and belts, water pipes, water storage tanks and other components are working normally. If there is any damage or failure, it is better to repair or replace them in time. Otherwise, a barrel of antifreeze will be wasted for a small water pipe. In particular, some cars in summer water temperature is high, the repairman dismantling the thermostat, although it can solve the problem in the summer, in the winter, the reverse, in short, this is not a good way to solve the problem thoroughly.

6. antifreeze

check whether there is any shortage or deterioration. If necessary, replenish or replace it in time. Antifreeze seems to be a trivial matter, but it has a great impact on the car, but it blocks the pipeline and damages the cylinder body. So carefully choose carefully use antifreeze liquid, first, do not mix, two is not to use fake and shoddy products. In addition, in general, the antifreeze should be changed for two years. It is better to rinse the cooling system with clean water before replacing.

7. chassis

it seems that it has nothing to do with the low temperature in winter. In fact, the gear oil in the differential and transmission is very thick, and its temperature rise depends on mechanical movement. In winter, when the temperature is very low, the gear oil which is not suitable will solidify, which may damage the gear or oil seal. In addition to checking whether the marking of gear oil is suitable for ground air temperature, it is a good habit to drive a car at low speed for a short time after starting in winter morning.

8. tires

the winter temperature in the north is very low, the rubber of the tire is easy to harden, and then brittle, easy to leak and tie the tire. If the tire has trauma, it is still on the road, especially at the high speed, the time is long, the wound will gradually expand and cause the blowout. When tire wear is serious, it is necessary to change the tire in time and replace the new valve. Second, pay attention to the pressure of the tire. The car owner must pay attention to the change of the tire pressure of the car, which is different from the other seasons. The cause of the low tire pressure in winter and the heat expansion and contraction is easy to cause the deformation of the flat side of the tread.

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