How much do you know about car beauty consumption?

Category:Automobile cosmetology - Date:2018-04-14

for some scattered expenses, such as car beauty owners may not mind, but the comprehensive cost is quite a lot. The car beauty expert of the car is counting the accounts for you. I really don't know.

Scheme one: waxing. Wax is the oldest form of beauty, and the cost is not high at about 50 yuan per time. The disadvantage is that wax waits for 10~15 days. On average, it needs about 25 times a year, with an average annual consumption of 1250 yuan.

small stickers: wax contains grease, which can only increase the brightness of the paint surface for a short time and prevent the oxidation and scratching of the paint.

Scheme two: glaze. Sealing glaze is a more mature way of cosmetology. The price of each glaze is about 500 yuan, keeping it for 1 years. The shortage is that glazing can not fundamentally solve the problem of oxidation and hair of glaze, so it is necessary to do glaze care every 3 months, and the price is about 200 yuan each time. The average annual consumption of the glaze is 1100 yuan.

small stickers: glaze and glaze care needs polishing. 4 times a year, polishing is more harmful to lacquer.

Plan three: the friends of the car are coated. The film is the latest scientific and technological achievement introduced from Japan. It consists of four kinds of inorganic materials, silicon, glass, cellulose and fluorine, which fundamentally eliminate the oxidation of the car paint, and keep the beauty of the paint as beautiful as the new. The cost of crystal coating is 1680 yuan per time, the effect can be maintained for two years, the average annual consumption is 840 yuan.

small stickers show that coating can greatly improve the hardness of car paints, thereby increasing the scratch resistance of car paints. According to the test, the paint scratches can be reduced by more than 90% after coating.

Scheme four: transact a film card with a friend of the car. The coating card includes two years: crystal coating once, protective film cleaning 4 times, inner chamber sauna, air conditioning road cleaning and engine external cleaning each two times, free of charge for the whole year. The price of the card is 2280 yuan, which is 1190 yuan a year.

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