Profiteering: Mercedes Benz C class full vehicle replacement fee can reach 12 new cars

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When you know one Alex Car if replacement of all spare parts, the cost of 7 new Alex cars can be purchased. Beijing Mercedes BenzC class W204, if you replace all the spare parts and the cost can buy 12 new cars, maybe you need to pay attention to the maintenance cost of this car after buying a car.

yesterday, China Insurance Association and China Automobile Maintenance Association jointly released the domestic common Vehicle model the research results of the zero integer ratio coefficient, the first disclosure of the &ldquo of 18 kinds of common models; the whole car accessories Zero integer ratio ” and “ 50 fragility parts Zero integer ratio ” two important coefficients. In the coefficient of zero integral ratio of vehicle parts, the highest coefficient among the 18 models is Beijing. Mercedes Benz CW204 has a zero integer ratio of 1273%, that is to say, if all accessories are replaced, the cost will be 12 new cars. Modern the zero integral ratio is 271.62%, and the highest value is 4.7 times the minimum value.

according to "daily economic news" reporter, zero integer ratio data may affect the field of automobile insurance. At present, China's car insurance pricing is mainly referred to the purchase price, the same 200 thousand yuan of the same premium is the same, the future car insurance will be possible to add zero to the factor, the same price of the car, the high Zero car insurance costs in theory should be more expensive; at the same time, consumers in the choice of car, also will consider the lower than a few cars.

The maximum difference of zero integer ratio is 4.7 times

The so-called “ the whole car parts Zero integer ratio ” it refers to the ratio of the sales price of the parts to the whole vehicle, that is, the ratio of the price of all parts of the car to the whole car and the price of the whole vehicle. Popularly speaking, if a vehicle is priced at 100 thousand yuan, it will cost 300 thousand yuan to purchase all the spare parts separately, and its zero integer ratio is 30/10=300%.

According to the introduction, the project group, established jointly by the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile Maintenance Association, started the research on the auto parts Zero integral ratio of automobile parts in May last year. It has carried out a lot of work such as the design of the zero integer ratio analysis model, the selection of common models and so on. The research scope covers the total vehicle sales price of 50 thousand to 500 thousand yuan, 44 car brands of more than 100 types of common vehicles, this is only the zero ratio coefficient of 18 types of vehicles, the vehicle sales price involved, the use of the vehicle manufacturer guidance price, and the original factory name, the original factory code and other data, by special. Industry research company collected and collected time nodes in March 2014.

The data of the two association shows that the price difference between different automobile brands and models is large, especially in the same price area. The price difference between the same parts and the same function parts is huge, and the price of the parts directly determines the maintenance cost. Even if the price of a new car is the same, if the consumer buys a car with a higher zero than the coefficient, it means that the follow-up process may need to pay relatively high maintenance costs.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the 18 models announced yesterday covered the popular models of different grades in the market. The Kai Yue Bora Audi BMW Mercedes Benz Part of the car. Among them, the lowest zero integer ratio coefficient is the pleasure to 271.6%; the highest is the Beijing Mercedes Benz C class W204, 1273%, the highest value is 4.7 times the minimum value; other models, such as Audi A6L For 411%,625%, Alex is 720%, etc.

the relevant experts say that as a durable consumer goods, the initial purchase cost and the subsequent use cost are a large amount of expenditure. The distribution of the zero whole ratio data allows the consumers to know more clearly about the relationship between the maintenance cost of the replacement parts and the price of the vehicle, and then to understand the maintenance cost between the various brands and the models. Differences can enhance consumers' right to know and choose more effectively under existing conditions.

The ratio of zero to high is unreasonable

“ the zero integral ratio of foreign cars is generally about 3 times. ” when it comes to zero integer ratio data, relevant officials of China Automobile Repair Association said. Facing Beijing Mercedes Benz C grade W204 zero complete ratio of up to 1273.31% of the situation, the relevant people of the China Auto Industry Association believes that this is an unreasonable level, because the general level of foreign countries is around 300%, auto parts need to be sent to every maintenance plant all over the country, such as the need for separate packaging, storage, storage cycle. It is much longer than the production plan, so the moderate price is higher than the price on the production line. How much is the right price? Generally it is about 3 times, of course, this is not an absolute value.

in fact, the zero integer ratio of Mercedes Benz C W204 is too high, and the zero integer ratio of many models is also far higher than 300%. Ma Bao and other cars are also relatively high. Some people may think that because some of the imported cars are imported from abroad, they include transportation costs, tariffs and other costs.

the people of China Automobile Repair Association believe that some of the spare parts are shipped from Europe because of high-grade cars, but the impact is not so great. “ we have measured the situation abroad, also 3.2 or 3 points, basically at about 3 times, and there is no more than 600% or 1200% levels like this. In addition to the manufacturers' accessories, there is also a brand accessory, such as Fuyao Glass, which can be directly supplied to the repair shop for sale. At home, this field is a blank. We want to introduce foreign brand parts and make the spare parts market fully competitive, which will make the spare parts price of the host plant not so high. ”

The person in charge believes that some parts are priced high because there are no other brands of spare parts competition, and if there are other brands of direct purchase of accessories, it can also make the pricing of parts more reasonable.

The ratio of zero to zero is higher, and the cost of car insurance is higher

According to the people in the insurance industry, no matter the same type of vehicle in our country at present, as long as the purchase price of new car is the same, the insurance premium is the same, but the huge difference in the price of auto parts makes the insurance companies have larger cost differences in the compensation.

“ at present, the main reference factor of vehicle insurance pricing in China is the purchase price of new cars, which is not very scientific. Because even at the same price, their maintenance cost is huge. &rdquo, according to an example of a car insurance person in Sichuan, for example, the same price of 500 thousand yuan is the same, if the zero integer ratio of the A brand is 5, the B brand's zero whole ratio is 10, then the insurance company will pay a great deal to the B brand car. “ for insurance companies, it is unfair to accept the same premium for automobile brands whose insurance ratio is very large. ”

Some industry insiders say that the current marketing reform of car insurance rate will change the pricing mode of car insurance, and the distribution of the zero integer ratio means that after mastering the zero whole ratio information, the insurance company will be able to price the car from the model, and bring the zero integer ratio into the pricing link of the car insurance, and the same price in the future. Vehicle, “ zero integer ratio ” high vehicle insurance costs should be more expensive theoretically.

When communicating with the daily economic news reporter, the relevant people of China Insurance Association believe that from foreign experience, the zero integer ratio coefficient is only one of the factors in the vehicle insurance pricing. Generally speaking, the higher the coefficient of zero integral ratio is, the more likely the premium will be. However, the person admitted that the coefficient of the vehicle insurance premium rate in the end how much, we need further accounting.

the personage also gives examples, for example, in Britain, factors such as the coefficient of the zero integer ratio, the purchase price of the new car, the price of the spare parts, the safety performance of the vehicle, the repair capacity of the spare parts of the vehicle, and so on. As a scientific, refined and personalized car insurance pricing is a trend of international development. And China's car insurance market is still in the primary stage, with the customer consumption habit of more attention to insurance, more demand, “ we will strengthen this research to fit for the market development demand ”

However, the personage emphasizes which factors in the Chinese market affect the floating rate, and the zero integer ratio may be one of them, but it is absolutely not the only one. It is understood that the China Insurance Association will carry out the research on the maintenance cost, the spare parts and the working hours. They hope to make the data more detailed, more comprehensive and more scientific, and provide the vehicle insurance pricing as a reference for the future.

Not only that, the distribution of the zero integer ratio will also affect the car market, one is that the consumer will be more rational, in understanding the cost of replacement parts, such as the same purchase of 300 thousand priced cars, consumers may choose to maintain a smaller cost of vehicles; in addition, the car company will also be affected, if the same file. The difference in the annual premium of the car is up to thousands of yuan, which may affect the final choice of the consumer. In the fierce competition of the whole car market, the manufacturer will adjust the price of new car or the price of parts.

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