What should I do with the blowout? Detailed solution of safe and fast tire exchange process

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-14

Hello! Friends of the owners of the car owners, our "Xiao fat study drive" and everyone meet, the previous two stages of the response is good, recently Xiao Pang Jun has friends and a difficult problem, because he drove out of a tire, the results did not understand the concrete steps, and finally can only be called a trailer. So chubby continued to work as Lei Feng, to teach the novice to change the tire.

First, what do you want to do before changing the tire?

Safe parking

Do not panic, do not stop in the middle of the road, immediately open the double flash, move the vehicle to the roadside or the emergency lane, and try to choose a flat road to avoid stopping on the turning or slope. After the vehicle stops, the hand brake is put out after the vehicle is stopped.

Note: do not insist on driving to the repair shop to change the tire, because with the acceleration of leakage, continue to drive will make the entire tire scrapped!

Placing a triangle warning sign

when the safety is confirmed, a triangular warning sign should be placed immediately.

The position of the triangle is placed at a position of 50-150 meters from the rear of the vehicle, and if it is a highway, it should be placed at the place of 150 meters behind the car. In the low visibility, rain, fog, or at night, a warning sign should be set at a place of 100 meters behind the car.

Inspection tools

after the above steps are completed, the following is to check whether the jack and the kit and spare tire are complete, and whether they can be used normally. At the same time, it is necessary to reconfirm that the vehicle has been stopped and stalled, and the gear has been linked to the P (manual). Vehicle model neutral. The handbrake has been tightened. This ensures that the vehicle will not cause accidents during the process of changing the tire.

Note: do not think that spare tire must be intact. It is better to go out and have a look at it, otherwise you will cry if there is a problem.

several commonly used tools for replacing tyres are Jack, screw rocker, auxiliary rocker arm and so on.

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