What is the real purpose of buying a car for skylight?

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All the time, Car As the configuration of the middle and high grade cars, the skylight is regarded as an important standard to measure the luxury of the car. Of course, in the sale price of the car, the vehicle with the skylight is much more expensive than that without the skylight. In the end, does it need skylight in the end?

if you have spent more than more than 10 thousand on this configuration, see what the sunroof will do, and you will not be blocked. If you want to find out whether you want the skylight to be configured, you can also see whether these uses are necessary for you, and you don't need to spend the money.

Open the skylight in the morning: release the harmful gas

after a period of airtight traffic, the air in the carriage is filled with more harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. The first thing to do after the night is to open the skylight and use its superior negative pressure air exchange principle to clear the harmful gas in the vehicle quickly.

opening a skylight during traffic jam: preventing exhaust gas from entering the vehicle.

when the traffic jam, all vehicles are in a state of stagnation, and vehicle exhaust will inevitably be dispersed in the surrounding air. When the skylights are opened and the side windows are closed, the exhaust gas will be discharged quickly, and the air outside the vehicle will filter out a lot of harmful substances through the air conditioning and then enter the vehicle.

open windows after exposure to sunlight: rapidly reduce vehicle temperature.

in hot summer months, the temperature inside the car is higher than that outside the car after the sun has been exposed to the sun. The experiment proved that in order to reduce the temperature in the car quickly, one effective way is to open the skylight at the same time when the air conditioning is opened. When the heat is discharged and the cooling effect of the air conditioning begins to appear, then the skylight is closed.

Open skylight on high speed driving: reduce wind noise

if the side windows are opened at high speed, owners will often be disturbed by annoying noises and strong winds and will also affect driving safety. If you open the skylight and close the side windows, this situation can be effectively prevented.

driving in cold weather: quickly remove the fog in the vehicle.

the use of skylight fog removal is a quick way to remove fog. Especially in the two seasons of summer and autumn, there is much rain and humidity. You only need to open the roof skylight to the rear ventilation position, which can easily eliminate the fog of the front windshield and ensure the safety of driving.

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