Do you need to use oil well for low-priced cars?

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does it need special preparation before converting mineral oil into full synthetic oil? Generally, it does not require special preparation because most of the oil is released when oil is used, and the effect of old oil on the new oil is slight, so whether it is from mineral oil to full synthetic oil or from all synthetic oil to mineral oil. There is no need for special action. Of course, proper cleaning will be more beneficial.

However, if your car has accumulated a certain number of kilometers (for example, more than 50 thousand kilometers), and the quality of the oil used before is not ideal, then it is recommended to clean the engine and remove the accumulated sludge and carbides.

Is it necessary to use good oil for a low price car?

Today, I want to buy a less than one hundred thousand yuan New car We have many choices, but we all know this. Price Do not have a performance performance High The expectation, this is the cause of production cost. In the first place, we can't expect a very precise sensing system and mechanical design. It also indicates that the protection of the engine, the fuel saving, the best performance, and so on, are relatively inferior, and a good oil can make up for these innate deficiencies to a certain extent.

And from another point of view, for a driver who is only a step tool, it may be willing to replace a cheap oil of three thousand kilometers or a hundred yuan to change the oil &mdash for driving feeling or better performance; — although the use of high quality oil, only from the fuel, every kilometre can be saved. A few cents.

generally speaking, good lubricants can improve the performance of cars while prolonging the service life of cars. Maintenance It is easier to save money.

What is the original oil?

There are some Car the manufacturer makes its own specifications for lubricating oil, but because of market factors, not all manufacturers of lubricating oil will produce these special specifications in their own name. So some carmakers have commissioned oil manufacturers to produce these special products and sell them in their own brands, which is more common in engine oil.

On the other hand, the automobile manufacturer will also launch its own brand of lubricating oil simply because of the market or the overall operating benefits, and almost all carmakers will not produce them themselves, but instead entrust the lubricating oil manufacturer OEM. As a vehicle owner, it is necessary to know that as long as the products used are in line with the specifications required in the owner's manual, the assured brand lubricants can be used.

Why do you want to distinguish between gearbox oil and oil?

because gearbox and engine structure and operating environment are different. In the engine, the engine oil faces the high temperature and oxidizing operating environment, so the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of the oil are high, while the temperature in the gearbox is low, but the pressure between the gear groups and the gears is very large, so the gearbox oil needs a very strong anti pressure capability. These differences require different combinations of additives to match the needs of different application environments, so all two are lubricating oils, but they are different.

What factors will affect the price of the lubricating oil?

the most important ingredient is the composition of base oil and additives. Different base oils have a decisive influence on the performance of the lubricating oil. Of course, the superior additive material will make the good base oil better performance, but the value of the good base oil and the raw material of the additive is also up with the performance.

In addition, R & D costs, brand value, packaging, import tariff, marketing mode, after-sales service, publicity input and other factors will have a direct impact on the price of the lubricating oil.

That part of the lubricating oil is more important?

the basic functions of the lubricating oil include lubrication, anti wear, heat dissipation and cleaning. If only partial emphasis is made on one side, the lubricating oil can not be called good oil. Lubricating oil is mainly formed by forming an oil film on the surface of the metal parts for lubrication and protection. Vehicle lubricants are mainly divided into engine oil (engine oil) and gear box oil (wave box oil). As the use time increases, the base oil of the lubricating oil will gradually oxidize, and the additive will also slowly consume or degenerate, which causes the overall performance of the lubricating oil to decrease, so it should be replaced regularly.

Love hints: the identification of all synthetic oil is only a professional test method at present, the general car owners can not be identified from the naked eye or hand touch, because in this way, there are some profiteers that put all synthetic oil on the synthetic label. Tell you some immature ways: one is that the whole synthetic oil looks clear and free of impurities, the next oil line is very fine, it will not break and there will be no bad smell. Two, after the first addition of synthetic oil, the oil becomes black quickly, because the whole synthetic oil has a strong cleaning function. It will make the original crankcase residual. When the oil is cleaned, the oil will turn black quickly. Three, after adding all synthetic oil, you will feel the noise will be reduced and the power will be improved. I can only tell you simply that the most fundamental way is to buy the appointed agent of the oil or a reputable point of sale, and to buy some well-known oil products, or to use the products that feel good with your friends.

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