Mileage does not decide whether to maintain for half a year

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-14

It is understood that many Car brand is basically maintained according to mileage, maintenance interval and engine working hours, which is the first to arrive. But the mileage is less, but it has been used for a year. Is it necessary to maintain such a vehicle?

Case: one year's maintenance

Miss Zhang bought one last August Volkswagen the car has not been opened much, so the mileage is only more than 6000 kilometers so far, and the car has been maintained once a year. Miss Chang said that cars usually run less and cars stop in the parking lot, so they do not need regular maintenance.

According to Miss Zhang's car4S store the suggestion is three months or a certain mileage and then to 4S shop for maintenance. But Miss Zhang thinks that there is no need to do maintenance according to the requirements of 4S shop. I believe there are many owners who have the same idea as Miss Zhang. What is the number of cars maintained by mileage or time maintenance?

Half a year is suitable for maintenance.

Car maintenance professionals say that in fact, the car or on time maintenance is better, because to ensure that the car's condition is good, it is necessary to check regularly, so that the maintenance costs can be reduced in preparation for the future.

Moreover, the maintenance cycle formulated by automobile manufacturers is based on the quality of the oil and parts used. Such factors as oil quality and space pollution will all affect the use of cars, and the maintenance cycle will be shortened accordingly. In the vehicle manual, it will be marked for 3 months or 5000 kilometers.7500 kilometre maintenance.

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