In the rainy season, it is not necessary to take good care of the car

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In the near future, a long period of heavy rain in Fujian has made many car tribes unfolding, many of them remember a &ldquo of years ago; Dragon King ” the trouble and loss caused by the typhoon to the car still linger. This is not, the summer solstice just passed, according to the weather conditions of the past year, Fuzhou area will usher in the wind and rain days, how to do a good car in the rainy day, raising a good car, it is particularly important for the car family. In the light of past experience and experts' approach, we will wake up to the readers of the "car view" at the time of the rainy season, so that we can stay away from the rain and secure more security.

Part 1

Driving in the rainy season

driving on rainy days is not only a test of vehicle safety, but also a test of driver's control ability. Self inspection is very important in the rainy season.

Self inspection of tires and wiper

Xiao Xue, a two maintenance technician who worked in a number of car companies, said that it is necessary to check tire tread patterns and wipers before driving. “ when the rain is slippery and the tire stripe is near the wear limit, it is necessary to change the tire in time, otherwise it will be easy to slip and bring danger. In addition, we must ensure a certain tire pressure. If the tire pressure is too low, we should make up the tire pressure and go on the road. ”

and wiper is also an important safety auxiliary tool. Therefore, the aging wiper must be replaced in time. When it comes to light rain, it is best not to keep the wipers on. Because it is easy to damage the windshield wiper, and even scrape some small marks on the car glass. If there is sand on the glass, it will not even be able to open the windshield wiper. When driving, turn on the air conditioner before the wind and fog, keep a good line of sight.

Safe manipulation in tunnel and bend

when driving in the urban area, the distance between the vehicle and the front car is usually seventy or eighty meters, but at high speed, it is best to extend the distance to 150-200 meters. If you enter a tunnel, for example, the Jinji mountain tunnel in Fuzhou, you should turn on fog lights to prevent rear end collision. If necessary, you can turn on the double flashing lights to prompt other cars.

When you enter the bend, you can't step on the brake because it is easy to throw the tail on a rainy day. If you feel sideslip, the current wheel can turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the side. When the rear wheel slips, it should turn the steering wheel toward the same side of the side slip, and the direction can not be reversed.

Low speed and smooth driving when wading

what should we do when the rain is pouring down and the road is full of stagnant water? At this time, the riders want to observe the water level on the one hand. If they exceed more than half of the tyres of the tyres, do not venture through it. When the vehicle is wading, the manual gear model should be changed to 2 gears, and the way is guaranteed to not be flameout, and the auto - block model should also shift the gear to “ 2” stable the throttle slowly passing through. At this time, we must not rush to speed up, the speed is too fast, will make the vehicle forward, the water plus the general assembly from the air filter into the cylinder.

do not start in situ if there is a fire in the process of wading. Because the vehicle is flameout, it is proved that the water is poured into it at this time. At this time, the car can only be released from the water pit, or the cart is called, and then it is sent to the professional maintenance shop, and the technician opens the spark plug for testing.

Part 2

Maintain after the rain, drive away the embarrassing thing

heavy rain “ baptism ” love cars should be well maintained, to prevent problems and affect the safety and health of owners.

No cure for sauna

Wet rainy days not only bring inconvenience to the driving, but also make a certain amount of moisture in the car, which will cause mildew and odor in the car, and bring influence on the health of the car friends. To remove bacteria except odor, most car friends will choose to do a car beauty shop for a &ldquo for the car; sauna ” or “ fragrant ” only do not know that such a way can only be cured and no cure. “ because the car sauna produces a lot of water vapor, which may cause reaction and corrode the electronic components in the car. ” Xiao Xue explained.

to ensure a cleaner vehicle environment, riders need to start from routine maintenance. For example, every time before getting off the train, turn off the air conditioner's &ldquo, AC&rdquo and gear, so that the air in the air conditioner dries the car. In addition, small accessories such as pads should be cleaned and dried in time. To clear all the doors and rear compartment cover to open, let the moisture in the car exhaust, ventilation, and then the foot pad, seat cover in the car to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Chassis armored is very practical

after heavy rain scour, the paint and chassis of vehicles will be damaged to varying degrees. Due to environmental pollution, acid rain and dust particles in the paint corrosion badly, at this time of car paint paint coating anti aging treatment.

And for chassis armored, according to Xiao Xue, about two hundred yuan of chassis armored projects can effectively protect the ground sand and stone against the chassis, prevent slight drag from the bottom of the bottom, prevent acid, alkali, salt corrosion of the chassis iron plate, prevent the loosening of the chassis screws, and so on to prevent the old chassis from aging rust or rusting. It's a good use.

Part 3

Vehicular rain gear is a love of love

Now, the car has gradually become a large member of the majority of the family or a small mobile home, you love this “ family member ” it naturally gives you a lot of convenience. At the same time, with the development of high technology, some targeted configurations developed by car enterprises are also humanized and scientific. Here, let's introduce and recommend several practical vehicle mounted rain protection equipment and rain protection system for vehicles.

Rainfall and light sensor

light and rain sensors can automatically control windshield wipers and headlights. The rain sensor can adjust the running interval of the wiper according to the rainfall. The LED lamp in the sensor can emit invisible infrared rays, which will only reflect the outer surface of the windshield which has not been splashed onto the rainwater. If the rainfall on the windshield increases, the reflected infrared ray will be reduced, and the system can adjust the wiper operating interval &mdash, &mdash, from the long interval to the high speed and continuous operation. In addition, the automatic headlamp activation function can also control headlights according to ambient light. The light sensor measures light conditions and controls home / home functions. When the driver leaves the vehicle or remotely controls the car, the system will turn on the lights automatically, so that the driver can illuminate the road near the car or leave the car.

No bone Wiper

the ordinary wiper is made up of scraps and glass by the skeleton. Therefore, as the name suggests, the non bone wiper is based on a whole force strip to disperse the pressure, so that the force of each part of the scraper is uniform, which can reduce the production of water marks and scratches, so as to achieve a better effect of scraping. In general, the traditional wipers need to change one year, and the life without bonnets is two to three times that of traditional wipers.

Rearview mirror rain gear

the design of the rearview mirror rain gear is very clever. In addition to the rain function, a row of air inlet is designed behind the top. When the vehicle runs at high speed, the head-on wind just passes through the air inlet to the straight downward wind, blowing on the rear view mirror and blowing the extra rain beads on the rearview mirror to keep the mirror definition and guarantee the vision. Clear, ensure safe driving.

The price is about 20 yuan, and all the car beauty shops are sold.

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