In the rainy season, it is also important to train cars

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-14

after the beginning of spring, the rainy season is coming. Especially in these days, the cold wave has brought a lot of rain. For a rider, such humid and cold weather is the most annoying thing. Not only is it inconvenient to travel, but in order to prevent bacterial breeding, it also requires more attention. In addition to sending the car to 4S shop for paint or brake system maintenance, the owner also needs to master some tips in daily car maintenance. To this end, Xue Mingwei, director of Guangfeng's maintenance workshop, provided several references for the riders.

to prevent the glass from being damaged, the wipers are used most frequently when the wipers are raining, and the owners need to maintain their attention when maintaining them. “ sometimes, it is not the problem of the wiper film, but the particles or bump on the front windshield, causing the wiper to be damaged. &rdquo, Xue Mingwei remarked, especially if the rain would be carried on the glass with sand and dirt, and when it was discovered that the stolen goods must be removed in time.

Parking attention to mouse “ in Fuzhou dialect, there is a common saying ‘ Qingming millet rain, cold dead mouse ’ this time it is just the season for mice to be warm. ” Xue Mingwei told reporters. Therefore, according to years of maintenance experience, Xue Mingwei reminded that at this time, vehicles should not stop in the vicinity of the hotel or in the poor outdoor environment. Otherwise, the mice that are looking for a nest everywhere will get out of the air conditioner out of the vehicle's air conditioning, or through the chassis to get warm in the engine, and bite the line, the tubing, and so on.

vehicle air conditioning is clean because the weather is changeable, so the use of vehicle air conditioning has become frequent, warm and cold. During the rainy season, Xue Mingwei suggested that the owner of the car try to use the outer loop of the air conditioning. In the quick stop, it is necessary to turn off the air conditioning, open the external circulation, and let the condenser blow dry the air conditioning pump.

pay special attention to tire texture, slippery weather, heavy adhesion of tires and ground. Therefore, the gripping property of the tire is very important. Therefore, the vehicle pays special attention to tire texture and tire pressure. If tire marks are not clear or tire pressure is abnormal, tire must be replaced in time to avoid slippage.

The back-up box also wants the damp proof car friends to keep some sundries and tools in the back-up box. In the rainy season, we should pay attention to the damp proof and moisture-proof in the carriage, and also dehumidification in the rear compartment. Therefore, at this time, the owner can temporarily take away the non essential items, especially the metal ones. Or put damp proof and dehumidifying agent in the back-up box. In addition, some dry objects can also be placed in the compartment. If the seats are wet, they can be dried with a hair dryer to prevent bacteria from growing.

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