Pay attention to the maintenance of three parts in the rainy season

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-14

summer rainy season, frequent rainfall will bring many troubles to car owners. Although the rainy season in the north does not last as long as the south, but in order to ensure driving safety, the owners should make more preparations for the safe driving in the rainy season.

Timely maintenance of the wiper

The increase of rain can make the use frequency of the wiper increase obviously, because the road and sight of the rainy day are not good for driving. If the wiper is not very good to brush off the rain, it will bring great danger to your driving safety. At this time the wiper plays a very important corner color, so the inspection and maintenance of it should be more careful. In place.

although the windshield wipers are on the windshield, it is easy for people to turn a blind eye to their daily maintenance. Car Maintenance experts point out that, in fact, the maintenance method of the scraper is very simple, and the wiper scraper is wiped by the glass cleaning liquid in the car washing, which can effectively prolong the service life of the wiper. Usually check the wiper shaving state of the wiper, and whether the wiper is not uniform or clean rain, the appearance of the two cases means that the wiper blades are damaged and need to be replaced in time.

Pay attention to the rust of the brake disc

Most of the brake discs are made of cast iron. They are exposed for a long time and are exposed to the wind and sun. The working environment is bad. Even in the northern rainy season, it will make some rust on the surface of the brake disc. These rust will more or less affect the normal work of the brake system, so it is necessary to remove it in time.

if there is only slight rust on the surface, a continuous braking method can be used to remove it. On the road, light the brakes and use the friction force between the brake disc and the brake disc to polish the surface. If the rust is more serious and the rust is more, it will cause the surface of the brake disc to be uneven. In this case, the brake may cause the body to shake. This rust is usually difficult to be removed by continuous braking. Experts suggest that when this is the case, it should be repaired in time to the regular maintenance shop and a new brake disc should be replaced when necessary.

The correct use of the front fog lamp

Most of them City Road lamp lighting, daily driving does not clearly feel the importance of light lighting, but on rainy days without street lighting, it is necessary to rely on the light of the body. Although the location of the fog lamp assembly is usually low, the fog lamps have a strong penetration, and it is easier to detect the vehicles or pedestrians early in the less visible weather conditions. However, driving a fog lamp on rainy days will cause some interference to the vehicle. If it is not particularly affecting the line of sight, it is necessary to keep the fog light closed.

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