Prevention of automobile air conditioning diseases in summer requires frequent ventilation

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-14

since entering the summer, air conditioning has become the owner of the vehicle. Car The first action. However, the owner in the enjoyment of cool, at the same time, a lot of time will feel tired tired, dry skin, varying degrees of hand foot and foot numbness, headache, sore throat, nerve pain and stomach discomfort, such symptoms are typical car “ air conditioning ”

last Thursday, the reporter saw at the Xinqiao hospital internal medicine clinic that recently many owners had such “ the &rdquo of air conditioning disease. Doctor Yin in the outpatient department said that the prevention of car &ldquo and air conditioning ” the owner must often open the window to air the air, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car should be best controlled within 5 degrees centigrade, and the maximum should not exceed 7.

Seal the hidden diseases

vehicles with air conditioners usually have better sealing performance. When air conditioning works, the replacement rate of air in the vehicle exceeds 2~5 times of normal conditions, and some even reach 8 times. Most people will feel dizzy and tired for a few hours in this environment, and their memory will also decrease.

Dr. Yin said that long stay in the low temperature environment of the car air conditioning, cold feeling passed to the brain's temperature regulation center, the skin blood vessels contraction, distribution in the body of sweat glands to reduce secretion, thus reducing heat emission to maintain body temperature. The cold sensation causes the contraction of the abdominal organs and the decrease of gastrointestinal peristalsis, resulting in the corresponding symptoms. In addition, most of the cars are closed and unventilated, the air is cloudy, and the air conditioner itself will also send out some harmful gases, and it is easy to get sick in this environment for a long time. Air conditioning disease is unknowingly, the best way to prevent air conditioning diseases is to open windows and ventilate frequently.

The difference between temperature and temperature is harmful

during the summer season, the owners of a car must not be greedy, and the temperature of the air conditioner should be kept constant. This is because the temperature in the car is very different from the outside temperature. Many drivers can't adapt to the temperature change of this kind of cold and heat. It is easy to reduce the resistance of the body, which leads to the occurrence of the cold, so the constant temperature should be set. The best standard of constant temperature is that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is within 5 degrees C, and the maximum is not more than 7. In this temperature range, the body's body temperature center can be adjusted flexibly and flexibly, if the temperature difference exceeds this limit, the body will have discomfort symptoms. In the use of air conditioning, we should always pay attention to increasing or reducing clothing to prevent the occurrence of air conditioning diseases.

Remind the majority of the owners, in the prevention of car “ air conditioning ” at the same time, you may also give your car air conditioning system to do a cleaning service, so that you have a healthier life.

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