Men in the car chat with friends, daughter was trapped by skylight

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Jiangyou residents Zhang Bing family has been in endless sorrow these days. Their family's three year old daughter died in October 19th. Zhang Bing said: the reason for the death of their beloved daughter is actually their own home. Car The skylight. Zhang Bing said that when he chatted with his friends in the car, his daughter was caught in the skylight and died after rescue.

Zhang Bing lives in Heung Village, Hekou Town, Jiangyou. The accident car is still outside the yard. In October 19th, Zhang was driving the car with his daughter Lingling from Mianyang to his hometown in Jiangyou. He met an acquaintance on the road and stopped to chat. The tragedy happened.

The father is chatting with the skylight stuck in the girl's neck

According to Zhang Bing, he was sitting in the driver's position, his friend was sitting in a driving position, and the spirit foot stepped on the table between the driving and the driving. “ because her hand is pressed by this window (skylight), she usually likes to press the window. ”

Because Lingling likes to play the switch of the skylight at ordinary times, and also like to open the skylight and stick out the head, so he doesn't care much about the act of Lingling. However, it was only 5 minutes before and after the accident.

Zhang Bing said: “ I talked to my friend and I smoked a cigarette for a while. At this point, she was standing there with her hands lifted. My friend touched her and said, Zhang Ling - Hua, how can you hurry up and play on it? Isn't it cold? ” at this time, Zhang Bing looked up at the spirit, and found that the neck of the Lingling neck was blocked by the sunroof closed.

the emergency rescue doctor has been weak

Zhang Bing immediately opened the skylight and lifted the spirit down. Zhang Bing said that after he carried the child down, there was a very deep impression on the neck of the soul, and no response was made. Zhang Bing immediately gave her artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At this time, an ambulance that happened to pass by was also involved in the rescue.

Zhang Bing said: “ we always thought she had some vital signs. Finally, when the doctor finally rescued, about a bottle of liquid was lost, and he rescued for half an hour. The doctor said they really could do nothing. ”

According to Jia Popo, a nearby: “ she (Lingling) called my mother-in-law and mother-in-law, playing in my place all afternoon, picking fruit in my yard, which knows for a moment (no man). I looked down (the corpse of the child), and now my heart is tight and uncomfortable. ”

She is only 3 and 3 months is the baby in the family

the unexpected death of the child has brought a great blow to the family. These days, the mother of the linger is washing her face with tears everyday. Lingling's mother choked up: “ I just wanted to stop doing such a thing &hellip in the rest of the family; … because it was really too painful. My daughter is just three years old and 03 months old. She has just been to school (kindergarten) for more than a month. She is very sensible and special. ”

Zhang Bing said, “ anyone who recognizes her in the vicinity of us almost meets her and buys her something to eat. She has a special sweet mouth, and people want to call uncle, Grandpa, and mother-in-law. She is usually so smart. In our house, she is almost a baby of me and my love. ”

in order not to let mom see things and think about it, the family took away all the pictures in the Lingling room. However, seeing the Lingling favorite cartoon on the wall still makes the young mother burst into tears.

the mother of Lingling said: “ Lingling always liked the Teletubbies, and once we went to her house in Jiangyou to buy her and put it back to her. She liked it very much. She was so happy that she told me which is wavelet, which is Ding Ding, and let her stay in this room later. I didn't think of … … she really died so hard that she didn't live in this room when she passed away; … … ” journalist connection.

4S store: the car skylight has the anti clamp function

Lingling parents regretted that they had not been supervised enough and thought that the design of the sunroof was defective.

On the 24 day, Zhang Jun found Dealers Claim for claim. He found the accident car at the 4S store in Mianyang. The maintenance personnel initially detected that the car skylight had anti pinch function.

since the skylight is equipped with anti pinch function, why did the child's neck be clamped and the skylight not opened in time? Zhang Bing was very angry about this. He even questioned the problem of car design.

the head of 4S shop can not determine why the skylight can hold the neck of the spirit. At present, the car manufacturers have sent technicians to Zhang's home for inspection, and they have also sent personnel to comfort the Zhang Bing family. This newspaper will also continue to pay attention to it. (reporter Yao Maoqiang)

sunroof experiment / lettuce two bottles of beverage were crushed.

After Lingling's death a few days later, the child's parents began to rearrange the accident of Lingling. The spiritual father acknowledged that his negligence was a cause of the death of the child, but at the same time, he also believed that the design defects of the car skylight also had an unshirkable responsibility for the death of the child.

local media reporters made experiments with lettuce, mineral water bottles and cucumbers. As a result, the canopy closed and the lettuce was turned into two pieces. The mineral water bottle was squashed, and the cucumber was squeezed out of a deep mark. Safety warning / protect a child from a skylight to be cool

When the car is moving in, it makes the child outstretched out of the skylight, waving his hands, feeling very happy, but it is a fatal crisis, as long as an emergency brake, the child's light ribs break, the weight is out of the car! In addition to such extreme conditions, it is possible that children are caught or killed by skylights due to the incorrect contact of switches in the car's skylights.

When the window is opened, the crew of the whole car should all fasten on the seat belt. In case of accident, if the vehicle is unfortunate to roll, the occupants in the car are likely to be more hurt by the skylight off the car.

the main purpose of the skylight design is to make the car better, brighter, and to introduce fresh air in the outskirts rather than to let the little friends stand on it. Therefore, the relevant experts suggest that the legislation must be strengthened and a heavy penalty will be given to the drivers who let the children out of the skylight to avoid more tragedies. Seven taboos for children to ride in the car

1. Take the child and sit in the co pilot. 2, let the child get out of the skylight or side window. 3, let the child stand on the central armrest. 4, let the child alone in the car. 5, let the child sit on the co pilot. 6, let the child use an adult seat belt. 7, feed the children on the car.

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