How to clean dirty car carpet?

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everyday, inside and outside the car, coming in and out, the most easily dirty car is carpet. If a vacuum cleaner with a brush head is used for vacuuming, it will make dirty carpets look less dirty. For a more dirty carpet, special detergent is needed. Usually before using the detergent before the above two dedusting work, and then spray a proper amount of detergent, brush clean with a brush, and finally use a clean cloth to remove the superfluous detergent, which can make the carpet clean and soft as before.

The most important thing to note is that the carpet is not completely immersed in water and brushing. On the one hand, it will destroy the bonding of several different layers of material inside the carpet, on the other hand, the carpet will not be dry in a long time and affect the use effect and cause the humid inside of the car. Carpet cleaning is really troublesome, so it is better to insist on using the mat. If the mat is not too dirty, take it outside the car.

Methods for the cleaning of different stolen goods

scavenging of.1. blood.

If the carpet is stained with blood, never use soap or hot water to remove it, because the blood will solidify as soon as the soap or hot water can be solidified. It can be wiped in time with a wet and cold cloth and drops of a few drops of ammonia (ammonia) in the blood. After a few minutes, then wipe clean with a dipped cloth dipped in cold water.

scavenging of.2. stain.

When eating ketchup, such as ketchup, such as the careless pollution of the carpet, or inadvertently printed lipstick and other stains on the carpet and seat, can be wiped with cold water wet cloth, or sponge gently erased, then clean with foam detergent, never use soap or hot water to clean and wipe. Also, do not use soap or hot water to clean the taint of coffee, cola, ice cream and other drinks, because the soap and hot water will fix the traces on the seat surface, and can only be soaked in cold water and wiped with a rag, and then cleaned with foam detergent.

removal of.3. urine stains.

If the child sown the urine on the carpet, it can soak the cloth with hot soapy water first and wipe the cloth, then soak the cloth with 1 to 1 ammonia and cold water to cover the wet place in the urine. After a few minutes, take the cloth and wipe it with wet cloth. Dealing with vomit is a nuisance, but it cannot be dealt with as soon as possible. After this, we should first use the paper towel to dry up the vomit, then remove the solid material, then soak the cloth with warm soapy water and wipe it again. Finally, soak the cloth with a soda solution and wipe it clean.

scavenging of.4. broth.

Many people who have a car will get used to buying breakfast on the way to work, occasionally on the road to solve the porridge, soybean milk, small cage package … … can not avoid splashing some soup soup water in the car seat, when the spot can not be cleaned, try a little vinegar water to scrub, then then wipe clean with wet rag, everything will restore the original It's like.

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