Micro scratch treatment method for vehicle scratch repair

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-13

Car It is common to produce scratches in the process of daily use. Then, how do you do professional car scratching when the majority of the owners and friends have a scratch in the car? The body scratches lightly on the surface of the paint surface is inspected without scratching the top coat. The following repair process can be used for repair.

Micro scratch treatment of car scratches:

1. cleaning

first of all, we should remove the gloss film, oil film and other foreign objects on the surface of the surface of the lacquer surface. The method is to use the dewaxing agent to clean the scraping site and dry it.

2. grinding

according to the size and depth of scratches, proper grinding materials, such as 1500 grindstone, 9um abrasive or beauty clay, are used to polish the scratched surface. Grinding is generally done by manual operation, or by grinding / polishing machine or grinding machine. We must pay attention to not wearing the paint surface, such as the paint layer is worn through, and the paint coat must be sprayed to repair.

3. reduction

After polishing and polishing the surface of the paint has been basically scavenged, some of the hair scratches and spin marks remaining in the polishing and polishing operation can be treated by the reduction of the lacquer surface. The method is to apply a small piece of non-woven fabric to the paint evenly, and then polish it to the paint layer to match the original coat color.

4. wax

When the paint is reduced, the wax should be treated. The method is: first, the solid polishing wax is crushed into the hot soluble gasoline in the gasoline, the repair part is dipped in the clean cotton yarn to moisten the temperature, then dipped in the wax and then wiped, and it should be repeatedly polished until the surface of the paint is smooth and bright.

when waxing, the entire surface of the car can also be waxed and polished. The method is: wipe all wax with clean cotton yarn, then apply wax polish until the lacquer surface is clear and glossy. Finally, wipes it with the flannelette.

5. quality inspection

After the completion of the above process, the surface quality of the repair surface should be checked. The emphasis of the inspection is that the color and lustre of the coating must be exactly the same as the original paint. If there are differences, the surface cleaning and wax polishing are not fully operated according to the requirements, and rework should be made when necessary.

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