Before buying a car, we need to know the main types of vehicle insurance and regulations

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motor vehicle insurance is indefinite insurance, which is divided into basic and additional risks, and additional risks can not be independently insured. Basic risks include strong risk, third party liability insurance (three liability insurance) and vehicle loss insurance (car loss insurance); additional risks include full car theft and theft, car liability, no fault liability, vehicle vehicle fall liability insurance, glass breakage risk, vehicle driving loss risk, spontaneous combustion loss risk, new equipment loss. Risk, no claim for special contract, etc. We usually say that the strong risk (that is, the compulsory insurance for vehicle traffic accident liability) is also a generalized third party liability insurance. The compulsory insurance is a compulsory insurance, and the motor vehicle must be purchased only to be able to go on the road, the annual inspection, and the owner. And when the third party loses the claim, it must pay the strong risk first and then pay other risks. Species.

in the additional risk, the owner can choose his own insurance portfolio according to his own actual situation. There is no need to buy all the insurance types. For example, for vehicle owners who have used a long time and very skillful driving skills, in the combination of commercial insurance, it is suggested to choose the two most basic types of commercial risks, such as car damage and third party comprehensive liability insurance, and other types of insurance, such as the risk of single glass breakage, the liability insurance on the car, the theft, and so on. It can be selected according to the specific circumstances.

Below is a separate introduction to the various types of insurance.

motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance (hereinafter referred to as &ldquo, &rdquo) is the first compulsory insurance system implemented by the state law. The regulations on compulsory vehicle traffic accident liability insurance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) stipulates that the compulsory insurance is the compulsory liability insurance of the insurance company for the casualty and property loss caused by the road traffic accident caused by the insured motor vehicle (not including the car personnel and the insured) and the liability limit within the liability limit. .

all owners or managers of motor vehicles travelling on roads in People's Republic of China should be insured against compulsory insurance. At the same time, the regulations stipulate that the owner and the administrator of the motor vehicle are not insured against the compulsory insurance, which will be withheld by the traffic administration department of the public security organ, and the motor vehicle owner and the administrator shall be advised to be insured in accordance with the regulations, and 2 times the fine of the insurance premium should be paid.

Vehicle loss insurance

responsible for compensation for loss of vehicles caused by natural disasters or accidents. This is the most important type of insurance in vehicle insurance. It is necessary to weigh the impact of this kind of insurance. If it is not guaranteed, the cost of repair after collision will be borne by the vehicle itself.

Third party liability insurance

responsible for the liability of the insured vehicle in the event of an accident causing the personal casualty or property directly damaged by others (i.e. third party). Car crash or crashing is the most feared thing when driving. It is not worth calculating if you love your car, and you will also spend a lot of money to compensate others for your losses. Because of the low compensation for the medical expenses and property losses of the third parties, the 2008 edition can still consider the purchase of third party liability insurance as a supplement.

Full car theft

Responsible for the total loss of the vehicle caused by theft, robbery, robbery and robbery, and the loss caused by the damage of the vehicle or the loss of the parts and accessory equipment on the vehicle. After the vehicle is lost, the insurance company can get 80% of the compensation value from the actual value of the vehicle. If the insured is short of car keys, driving license and purchase invoice, it may only get 75% of the compensation.

Liability insurance on the car

responsible for the liability of the insured vehicle in case of accident causing personal injury and personal damage to the vehicle and the direct damage to the goods carried on the vehicle. The liability for personal injury and death of passengers on board is the former driver's passenger accident insurance.

No negligence liability insurance

In the course of use of the insured vehicle, the Party of the insured vehicle does not bear the liability for compensation due to traffic accidents with non motor vehicles or pedestrians, causing casualties and direct property damage to the other party. If the insurant refuses to compensate for the cost, the insurance company shall calculate the compensation in accordance with the regulations on the treatment of road traffic accidents and the local road traffic accident treatment regulations in the insurance policy. Each compensation is 20% absolute exemption.

Vehicle borne goods fall liability insurance

In the course of the use of the insured vehicle, the goods on which the goods are dropped from the car cause the third party to suffer injury or damage to the property or the direct damage to the property. The liability for compensation is calculated in the insurance indemnity specified in the policy. Each compensation is 20% absolute exemption.

Risk of glass breakage

during the parking or using process, other parts of the vehicle are not damaged, only windshield glass is broken separately, and windshield loss is compensated by the insurance company.

The insurance company shall make the following compensation according to the provisions of the insurance accident which causes the damage of the vehicle in the scope of the vehicle loss risk, causing damage to the body and causing the loss of the vehicle.

(1) in the case of partial loss, the insurer shall count the amount of compensation stipulated by the insurance policy in the time of repair agreed by the two parties by the day from the day of repair to the day after the completion of the repair.

(2) if the whole vehicle is damaged, the compensation shall be calculated according to the compensation limit stipulated in the insurance policy.

(3) during the period of insurance, the total amount of the above claims is calculated at the maximum of the number of days stipulated in the insurance policy. The maximum number of days of compensation for this insurance is 90 days, and the maximum risk of vehicle suspension is 10%.

Self ignition loss insurance

The liability for the loss of the vehicle caused by the fire and burning of the car's electric appliances, lines, oil supply system and the cause of carrying the goods in the course of use.

A new increase in equipment loss insurance

the insurance accident within the scope of vehicle loss insurance caused direct damage to the new equipment on the vehicle, and the insurance company calculated the compensation according to the actual loss. The insurance company is not liable for any losses arising from the newly increased equipment.

No deductible special contract

insurance is available only on the basis of both the vehicle loss insurance and the third party liability insurance. The insurer is responsible for the compensation for the insurance accident caused by the special contract insurance for the motor vehicle and the amount of the deductible amount calculated in accordance with the provisions of the basic risks stipulated in the amount of the compensation stipulated. That is to say, after this insurance, the loss of vehicle and the three party liability insurance will be covered by the insurance company. This is a very good insurance for 97 years. Its value is reflected in: not to protect this type of insurance, the insurance company in compensation for damage and third party liability coverage in the scope of the loss is to distinguish between the liability: if you have all the responsibility, compensation 80%; negative main liability 85%; negative liability of 90%; negative liability of 95%. The other 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% of the accident loss need to be paid by yourself.

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