Steering wheel cover is not only an ornament, but also a shock absorber

Category:Automobile cosmetology - Date:2018-04-13

apart from being an ornament, a kind of accessories that are popular, what do you think of the steering wheel cover? “ adornment ” “ foil ” or “ inferior ” “ toxic ”?

according to the survey, few drivers know that the steering wheel has the function of shock absorption. As the steering wheel itself is hard, the vehicle runs on the bad road, and suddenly passes a small gap. Each driver holds the steering wheel with a violent jitter to stimulate the heart. For more than ten years in the steering wheel set industry, Yu Haikuan focused on the development of the steering wheel set. Considering the shock resistance of the steering wheel set, there will be a special material --EVA elastomer in some products, which can effectively buffer the vibration, like a spring between the tires and the body, and reduce the vibration. A lot of drivers disagree, in fact, this is a great harm, especially for long driving drivers. According to the health experts, the heart is too often to be stimulated by direct direct stimulation of the limbs. It will easily suffer from heart disease for a long time and directly damage the health of the driver.

in addition, the steering wheel sleeve can play the role of protecting the steering wheel, which is convenient for disassembling and washing, and is conducive to improving the health level of vehicle life. In the whole process of driving, the contact between the hand and the steering wheel is the most frequent. It will produce more dirt and breed many bacteria. According to incomplete statistics from the health department, there are tens of millions of bacteria on the steering wheel. If you want to remove these bacteria, they can only be sterilized by high temperature and UV, and scrubbing with ordinary wet cloth will not play a fundamental role. But it is difficult to disinfect the steering wheel fixed on the vehicle. The steering wheel cover is very convenient for car owners to carry out routine cleaning.

Pay attention to the life and health of the car, select the high quality car steering wheel set, can not only see the decorative function of the product, should improve the cognition of the utility of the steering wheel set. Nowadays, with the segmentation of the market and the increase of consumption demand, the steering wheel set has become an independent industry. Constantly improving the design and production technology, products are more beautiful and more humane.

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