Driving is not easy to move bad habits and save the safety hazard

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-13

As we all know, more and more car families enjoy more convenient trips and higher travel security than car free people, but the problems that follow are their bad mood and physical health. Bad driving habits will not only become a threat to health, but also lead to traffic accidents.

car owners are less healthy than those with cars.

After the car, the scope of the activity is obviously expanded, the bus is not crowded, the wind and rain are not afraid, the winter is warm in summer, and the independent and comfortable driving space makes the trip quality obviously improved. The so-called “ there must be a loss of ” for the car family, the impact of the car on life is not completely a good side, the car family in the enjoyment of the convenience and happiness of the car, while there will be a number of problems accompanied. After the car, the most obvious changes are the following two aspects.

? emotionally: there is a car race reaction said “ in traffic jams feel very upset ” “ feeling is easier than having a car before the excitement of ” “ feeling is easier than before the car angry ”

health: health: there is a car race reaction “ eyes easy to dry and tired ” others admit “ weight is higher than before ” “ figure of ” “ feeling easy back pain ” “ some distance is very short, can walk to ” “ It's easier to feel tired than &rdquo before you have a car.

In the investigation, the reporter also found that the men were more dependent on the car after the car, which led to the weight gain, the back pain and the wearer more than the women; and the female mood was more vulnerable to the traffic jam than the male, and the women's eyes were more likely to feel dry and tired.

the bad habits of car owners are hidden in cars.

In order to make the mobile &ldquo, home &rdquo, and warmer, decorating the small ornaments in the car is not so thick, but these small ornaments hanging in front of the car, if they do not notice to fall under the brakes, will cause the brakes to fail, and the consequences will be very serious; the rear of the car is easy to cover the line of sight and give it to the car in the back of the car. The driver has an impact. It is understood that driving mobile phones in some states of the United States has been identified as illegal, because in all traffic accidents, accidents caused by it have accounted for 11%. Chatting with people is also the same, especially when talking about very important things, it is easy to distract the attention of drivers and influence their judgement and control of vehicles. According to the press survey, these bad driving behaviors are still very common among people in our country. Gender studies have found that men and women have their own bad habits when driving. In comparison, men are more likely to have &ldquo, &rdquo in seats, smoking, and sundries on the side of the cab, while women are more likely to drive with people, chew gum or snack when driving. It's bad habit to whistle loudly, play the stereo, wear high heels, drive long hair and drive. Such

Warm hints

The first function of the walking leg

Our lives are getting more and more out of the car. However, the vehicle has brought us a certain negative impact on our emotions as well as the rapid displacement, social and economic status and the improvement of the quality of life. The car is our walking tool, but if we rely too much on this tool, we must rely on the means of transportation. Over time, we will even forget that our legs have the function of walking in addition to stepping on the accelerator and brakes, which will definitely affect our health. So here reminding you: don't forget to drive.

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