How to prevent static keys from solving static electricity in automobiles?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-13

Static electricity is seen everywhere in our lives, but generally people will not take it seriously. It is because people don't pay more and more attention to it, so the static electricity is getting more and more “ it is rampant ” because of the long existence, it causes many people to cast a psychological shadow on it, so some prevention measures are taken. Necessary。

static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, which produces many ways, such as contact, friction and so on. People in daily life, sometimes due to wear, climate, friction and other reasons, often lead to the accumulation of static electricity, and sudden touch of metal, it will suffer from the pain of electric shock, and this phenomenon will appear when you get off and off, if a certain stage often can cause some kind of psychological pressure.

when people are in the house, they may generate static electricity after rubbing against the soles. They may also be electrified outside the house due to wind. Be careful when you enter or exit the iron gate, your hands may be beaten. After repeated occurrence of such a situation, the following measures can be taken to avoid:

when the door is touched, do not directly touch the iron gate by hand, but hold the key in your pocket first by hand, then contact the iron gate with the tip of a key, so that the electricity will be released, so it will not be struck by electric shock.

Principle: the pain in the discharge of the hand is due to the high pressure discharge. Due to the sudden contact between the hand and the iron gate when the discharge is discharged, it produces an instant high pressure. If you take the key in your pocket, hold the key in large area and contact the big conductor at the tip of the key, then the contact point of the discharge is not a point on the hand skin, but the key point, so the hand will not feel pain.

the phenomenon of electric shock often occurs during the next taxi. It is mainly due to the static accumulation of body and seat friction when getting off, and when you get off the door, your hand suddenly touches the iron gate and it will be struck by electricity.

When this situation often happens, it is best to pay attention to: when you get out of the car, when the body is rubbing with the seat, you can help the metal door frame ahead of time. When the friction produces static electricity, the static electricity can be discharged at any time, and the sudden touch of the iron door after the car is dismounted.

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