Minor defects should be repaired in time, buzzing and bearing problems

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“ not at the beginning of the day, but when the car starts to thirty or forty km/h, the buzz appears vaguely, and then fifty or sixty km/h is obvious, and the faster the speed, the greater the sound, the speed down to below 30km/h, and the ”

Cause: wheel bearing “ sick ”

at the end of the week, Mr. Gao sent his car to a repair shop for repairs and found that it was a problem with the wheel bearings. “ after changing three wheel bearings, there is no &rdquo for that abnormal noise.

“ this buzz is a typical sign of the problem of the wheel bearing. If it is not repaired for a long time, it may be possible to run off the &rdquo on the road tires. The person in charge of the maintenance shop introduces that when you hear such a sound, you must pay attention to it. “ listen carefully, if it's out of the car, and then turn off all the windows in the drive, and if the sound gets bigger, the problem is mostly &rdquo on the body.

Master introduction, there are two possible reasons for the malfunction of this buzz. One is the problem of wheel bearings and the other is the problem of the gearbox. It is also very simple to test what kind of situation it is. If the voice is still in the neutral skating, it will probably belong to the former one, otherwise it will be the latter one. When this problem is encountered, it is suggested that the owner of the car be delivered as soon as possible.4S store Or Car The maintenance shop handles it.

Pay attention to three kinds of automobile minor diseases

phenomenon 1: vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption increase, cold start is not smooth, even cold start difficult.

Cause: there are many reasons for this failure. This problem after long distance running is likely to be a problem with the oil used.

Now the oil quality of the gas station is uneven. If the gasoline is stored for a long time, or the gasoline quality itself has problems, it will make the gasoline content too much.

After the use of this gasoline, a large number of glia will be produced around the inlet valve, which makes the inlet valve movement not smooth. It will make the inlet valve stagnation in the cold car and the engine is not easy to start.


1 and slight carbon deposition gum can be cleaned by liquid medicine.

2, severe carbon deposition can only remove the cylinder head for cleaning, and also clean the oil circuit.

Phenomenon two: oil leaks at the bottom of the vehicle

reason: there are several possible oil spills after long distance travel. The first is the rough road, driving in the bottom, sometimes inadvertent, slight bump oil bottom shell, at that time did not find, back after the discovery of oil leakage; also may be the engine for a long time high speed operation, gearbox and other parts may be due to heavy load leakage of oil. Terms of settlement´╝Ü

1, check chassis and replace damaged parts during maintenance.

2, when maintenance is done, let the maintenance personnel inspect the leakage area and tighten or replace the corresponding oil seal.

Phenomenon three: high temperature at low speed and normal running at high speed.

Reason: long distance and high speed running, the water tank and condenser will be blocked by insects and dust. When the air is running at high speed, the temperature of the water will not be too high due to the fast head-on airflow. When low speed and idle speed, only the water tank condenser can dissipate itself, the water temperature will rise because of the poor heat dissipation.

solution: remove the water tank mask to the service station or maintenance shop. First, use high pressure gas to clean up the insects and dust and wash them with water.

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