Poor automobile parts are bad for cars and choose filters carefully

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-13

Car the truth and falsehood of the spare parts is a difficult task for the non auto repair industry to distinguish between true and false. Now the counterfeit and shoddy goods in the market are overflowing, the appearance of inferior products is quite different from the real products. Many counterfeit oil can not tell the true and false on the Internet. Many car owners have caused the damage to other parts of the car in order to save the cost, but cause the unnecessary loss.

Harm of poor quality oil filter

1, poor quality oil filter filter paper material is poor, difficult to meet the requirements of the automotive engine filtering effect, and the filter area less than the original spare parts of the oil filter, filtering efficiency is poor, short service life.

2 and inferior oil filter often do not have bypass valves. Once the filter is blocked, the engine will not be able to get enough oil to lubricate, which causes the engine to jump, burn and even scrap the engine when it is serious.

3 and poor quality oil filters do not extinguish the function of oil backflow after engine failure. The mechanical wear of engine during cold start is increased and the engine life is reduced.

4, poor oil filter rubber sealing ring material is poor, high temperature and high pressure seal ring deformation, resulting in can not be effectively sealed, so that oil leakage.

The harm of inferior gasoline filter

the filter core material used by.1 and inferior gasoline filter is poor, the filtering effect is poor, the impurity in the gasoline is easy to plug the nozzle, causing the oil consumption to rise, the engine jitter, and the injector nozzle is damaged when the engine is serious!

2 and inferior gasoline filters will cause unstable oil supply pressure, too low or too high oil pressure. Oil pressure is too low engine to start, vehicle power is insufficient, high oil pressure will make gasoline burn incomplete, oil consumption is high and easy to damage three yuan catalytic converter and oxygen sensor!

3, poor quality gasoline filter filter core is not resistant to gasoline corrosion, after falling off the oil road, will cause the engine can not start, the vehicle anchored, resulting in the damage to the engine!

The harm of low quality air conditioner filter

1, poor quality air conditioner filter material is hard, often using single-layer filtration, easy to plug, and poor ventilation.

2, poor quality air conditioner filter used adhesive material is poor, easy to crack damage, short service life, active carbon distribution is not uniform, can not effectively filter toxic gas!

3, inferior air conditioning filter filter dust and odor removal effect is poor, the harmful gas in the air into the car, causing damage to the human respiratory system, the health of the body!

4, poor quality air conditioner filters easily cause dust and foreign matter to accumulate on evaporator, causing peculiar smell inside the vehicle.

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