Get used to the habit of watching the left and right rearview mirror

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-13

for newcomers, reversing a car is the most difficult thing to do. What should we pay attention to as a novice when driving into a warehouse? In this regard, there are Car professionals say that novices are used to watching the left and rear mirrors when reversing the store.

for many new owners, driving on the road is not a difficult task. The most difficult thing is to reverse the car into the warehouse. Especially for some owners who have taken a driving license for a long time but have never driven a car, it is even more difficult.

Miss Lu, in the near future, brought his car home. Every time he drove back to the underground garage of the District, it was very difficult, because the road in the underground garage was more difficult to get into the garage. Several times, the rear end of the car crashed into the wall and scraped the tail of the car.

“ when learning to drive, reversing the garage is very profitable, but when you really drive the car into the library, it is scared, and finally the car, because at the critical moment, always forget to see the back mirror. ” Miss Lu said.

In this case, a car professional says that the current novice driver always feels no bottom in the car, does not know the distance is enough, the reverse radar is not good enough, and under the psychological influence, some owners will only rely on the reverse radar, and ignore the backward mirrors, or some new car owners only because the experience is not enough. Looking at one side of the back mirror, will not be left and right, so it is easy to crash the rear of the car.

therefore, it is suggested that the novice must look around the rear mirror when driving into the warehouse, not relying solely on reversing radar. In addition, the car window down when the reverse, on the one hand can see more clearly, on the other hand, if someone is in command, can also hear the voice of others, avoid collision or crash into the tail of the car.

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