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for an ordinary white-collar worker, buying a car is not a difficult task. The difficulty is that a series of subsequent expenses after buying a car are more troublesome. Maintenance, refueling, maintenance, parking and so on a series of expenses add up is not a thousand. It's not easy to earn money, and we should not spend too much money. Next, we will discuss with you the skills of saving money.

Do not blindly pursue high marks

refueling is just as simple as eating for a car. The balance of nutrition is much better than big fish and meat every day. At present, there are many different labels of gasoline in the market. Is gasoline used in line with the standard? Car the maintenance has a close relationship. Therefore, experts suggest that owners should not pursue too much gasoline.

whether gasoline meets the standards is closely related to vehicle maintenance. Long term use of low grade gasoline will result in damage to internal parts of engine and seriously shorten the normal life of engine.

Some suppliers use the car owners' psychology of car love, yelling “ good horses with saddle, good car with good oil ” and publicizing “ for the long-term maintenance of the car, it should use high label gasoline ” According to statistics, 65% of cars use high standard gasoline.

special hint: there is no necessary connection between gasoline labeling and gasoline cleanliness and oil saving, not the higher the labeling of gasoline, even the high grade car is not equal to the high grade gasoline. Experts say, what oil should be added to the oil standard in the instructions, to adapt the compression ratio of the automobile engine to the gasoline antiknock coefficient, and not to be measured by the price (the compression ratio can be found in the car manual, and the automobile manufacturers also mark the recommended fuel labeling on the inside of the tank cover).

Developing good driving habits can save oil

in the process of driving, mastering skills is also a simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption. Many car owners are training hard for oil saving. “ mastering the characteristics and driving points of the vehicle can reduce vehicle loss and fuel consumption. ” Mr. Liu, the owner of a 8 year driver, says if you are not rich enough now, please see some small driving details of the experts.

Soft start

sudden acceleration will consume several times more gasoline than slow acceleration and avoid rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration.

Drive at an average speed

the average car speed is 60~90 km / h. When the car is hung in the top gear, it runs the most fuel economy at an economic speed, and the speed is too high or too low for fuel saving.

Reduce the use of brake

braking is essentially a process of energy transformation, which means energy consumption. When passing through the intersection, downhill and bend, the throttle should be lifted in advance and the low speed gear should be hung in order to slow down the car naturally. It saves oil and ensures the safety of driving.

special tips: avoiding peak travel as much as possible is also a good way to save oil costs. Many riders said that when driving smoothly, it only takes half an hour to drive. The rush hour may take more than an hour, and more cars are being burned.

lube oil does not necessarily have to buy imported lubricating oil. It is another big expense for a car family. To exaggerate, lubricating oil is like human blood. Human body can not be separated from blood for a moment. Similarly, the engine can not be separated from lubricating oil at any moment. The car is basically 5000-750 you need to replace the lubricating oil in.0 km.

As one of the most important protection products of the car, the use of good quality lubricating oil can effectively protect the engine, reduce wear and tear, so that the vehicle has a better use of economy.

expert advice on automotive lubricants: only buy the right ones instead of the expensive ones.

many owners feel that the higher the grade of lubricant is, the better the brand name is, the more expensive the better. In fact, it is not necessary. The price of imported oil is 30% to 40% more than that of domestic brand names, which is more expensive than that of ordinary domestic oil. Therefore, it is unnecessary to spend money on high priced brands.

special hint: choosing lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the engine. It is not necessary to use the high grade lubricating oil on the lower engine, or to use the lower grade lubricating oil on the higher engine, according to the technical requirement and the use condition &ldquo of the car; to measure the ” For example, engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ grade oil can fully meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imported.

The better the oil is, the better

some owners want to be better at “ understand ” love cars, so they fill up the oil. They believe that the more oil they have, the better lubrication they will have. They can also reduce the frequency of lubricating oil and save money.

for this behavior, experts say: if the oil is too much, it will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, increasing the oil splashed on the cylinder wall will easily cause burning oil, resulting in poor lubrication of the engine. The oil quantity should be controlled in the proper range, between the upper and lower marks of the oil gauge.

special hints: the phenomenon that fuel tanks are often not fully filled is not uncommon. Some owners often add only half a tank of oil, and then fill up when they are depleted. As a matter of fact, the upper part of the fuel pump in the fuel tank can not be cooled by fuel and easily burned. It will take hundreds of dollars to replace a fuel pump. Controlling oil consumption in this way is a penny wise and pound foolish.

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