At the critical moment, it is easy to ask for Master points and change tires

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-13

Recently, a woman friend Car The tire was stuck with a nail and the tire was leaking, but the woman moved the car to the side of the road very quietly. After he had settled the tripod, he changed the tire by himself. It is a difficult task for a lot of female owners to change the tire, but knowing the process of changing the tires will find that it is not a complicated thing to change the tire.

Female owners do not seek human rights for their own change

Last week, a woman friend of the press, Ms. Yang, drove to Shenzhen to do business. As a result, the car tire was leaking on the high speed road. It was found to be a nail. There was no village in front of the car. The tire makes the tires well. And another woman friend, Huang, who went on a business trip to Guangzhou, also experienced a tire, but she chose to call the rescue, Ms. Huang thought that the spare tire was a technical work, and the hot day, and not willing to change it because it was difficult for her to change the tire. Choose rescue.

There are auto professionals. In fact, in fact, many owners only know how to drive, do not know how to replace the spare tire, even the tools in what position do not know, the accident can only choose rescue.

It's easy to change the tire.

In fact, whether the female owner or the male owner, when the car needs to replace the spare tire, the first time should be to consider whether they can change, if they can change, there is no need to spend money to call the rescue.

Master Wu, a vehicle maintenance professional, introduced how to change tires after a tire burst. The first thing is to park the car on the level floor and hang it into the parking gear (the manual transmission connects the 1 gear) and apply the stop brake, and block the front and rear wheels with stones to prevent the car from sliding. Take off the jack and the wheel nut wrench, use the cone end of the wrench to pry the wheel cover or center cover open, expose the wheel nut, and unscrew the half ring in the clockwise direction of each wheel nut. Then place the jack on the jack next to the nearest door of the tire, and turn the jack handle clockwise until the wheel is completely off the ground.

use the spanner to unload the wheel nut and replace the new tyre to confirm that the valve is facing outwards. Re install the wheel nut until the wheel is attached to the wheel hub. Do not tighten the wheel nut completely before landing. Counter the clockwise rotation of the jack handle to make the wheels fall to the ground. Take off the jack and tighten the wheel nut fully. First twist the nut on the upper end of the wheel, then screw it one by one until all the screws are tightened. Install the return wheel cover or the center trim cover, place the jack, wheel nut wrench and special lock, so that you can find them next time.

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