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Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-12

nowadays, buying a car is not a difficult task for many people. What really can not be borne by the owners is the large cost of car maintenance after buying a car. The industry summed up the car maintenance and maintenance of the money saving heart, you can save unnecessary money. Not only save money, but also save worry, make your car life longer and more vigorous.

1. Change the necessary filter and liquid

even motorists who do not know the most about mechanical knowledge know that they should regularly change their oil and oil filters. But other liquids and filters also need regular maintenance. It is necessary, because as time goes on, they lose important performance — &mdash, such as the ability to take away heat, the ability to lubricate, and the ability to resist rust and cold.

replace your air filter to help your car breathe more easily and make the engine life longer. In order to run, the engine needs precise mixing of fuel and air, and all air enters the engine system through air filters. Its purpose is to prevent entry of dirt and other external objects and damage the engine. If the air filter is blocked, your engine will not function properly. This will also damage the fuel economy of the vehicle, which may cause the fuel to not fully burn.

Two. Check the cooling system of the car

ensure that your car cooling system works properly and has enough coolant to potentially save thousands of dollars for maintenance. Because cooling system failure can even cause your engine to melt.

Three, take care of the good car tires

tires are often the most neglected parts and are the least expensive to maintain. For example, the expansion of a tire is measured. Most people do not pay much attention to keeping their tires under normal pressure, which is not only bad for cars, tires and fuel, but also a safety problem. Simple measures to maintain normal tire pressure have always been extremely useful and essentially cost nothing. Also, don't forget to adjust your tyres, preferably by adjusting every 5000-8000 kilometers, even though the tire has no obvious signs of wear. This will help you ensure your car is running and braking.

Four. Pay attention to the dashboard

if your oil pressure, cooling system or any other main system has problems, the dashboard of the car will tell you. Most people will not pay attention to it. That's why manufacturers turn to the automatic alarm lamp to give a clear hint when there is a problem. When the automatic alarm light is on, find out the troubleshooting of the technician as soon as possible.

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