What methods should be used to prevent and solve automotive static electricity?

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Car static electricity not only brings inconvenience to you, but also causes accidents. So we should pay enough attention to it. Here are some common knowledge of removing static electricity.

Ligation of “ tail braid ” antistatic

understand the production of static electricity inside the car, guard against &ldquo, electric shock &rdquo, it is not difficult to come naturally.

first of all, natural products should be selected in the car and less chemical fiber fabrics should be used. The friction of chemical fiber fabric is an important source of static electricity. Therefore, when choosing the articles such as seat cover, cushion and foot pad, the use of real leather, wool or pure cotton is used to reduce the use of chemical fiber products. In particular, seat covers, steering wheel sets, pads, such as the strong recommended use of natural products or pure skin pure cotton, although the price is more expensive than chemical fiber products, but from a security point of view is still worth the value.

If the owner of the car feels like a car often “ electric ” he also can choose to install a set of electrostatic discharge device, it is also called the electrostatic release device, its working principle is through its internal metal wire to the electric conduction in the car to the discharge, and then through the air or ground surface, to eliminate the purpose of static electricity in the car.

there are two kinds of electrostatic discharge devices, one is grounded grounding electric discharge device, the other is air discharging electric discharge device for air. The grounding type discharge is more traditional. It is also known as the electric appliance. It is fixed at the end of the car and the end of the device is in contact with the ground, so that the static electricity is introduced into the ground, which is the kind of object that is dragged on the ground like a tail on the ground of some vehicles. The air electrostatic discharge device for the sky is pasted on the rear of the car, it is an antenna like object, also called “ besides the electrostatic antenna &rdquo. Its appearance is relatively new, and some are more popular because it can be shared with vehicular antennas. The industry suggested that two sets of installed, the effect of preventing static electricity is much stronger than single loading.

in addition, there is a small electrostatic release bar on the market, which releases static electricity instantly through contact with metal. A wide variety of electrostatic discharge, its market price range from tens to hundreds of yuan, the function is basically no difference, mainly the difference in appearance brings the change in price.

Tips; clever tricks; “ ” automotive static electricity

Dilute glycerol to wipe the body

a more economical way is to wipe the body with diluted glycerin, allowing the vehicle to remain static for a period of time.

Wet towels in the dashboard

use a wet towel to spread on the instrument panel. Sunshine the irradiation makes the moisture in towels evaporate quickly, thereby improving the humidity inside the vehicle. It is also a magic trick to deal with static electricity.

Put a hand on the wall.

wash your hands before you go out, or put your hands on the wall to remove static electricity. In order to avoid electrostatic strike, small metal devices (such as key), cotton rag and so on are used to touch the gate, doorknob, faucet, back, bed and so on.

Open internal circulation air conditioning

the internal circulation air conditioning makes it even more difficult to get a little moisture in the already dry car. It is recommended that the windows be opened half open (avoid blowing the wind directly on the body). Even if there is slight sweating on the body, it does not matter. Proper promotion of sweat glands secretion is better for the skin.

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