Save time and money and save effort to judge the car malfunction by yourself

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Car In the lecture hall, the basic structure of some cars is introduced for you. Knowing the structure, it is not difficult to judge the fault of the car. Especially in the self driving tour, mastering some basic skills of maintenance can save a lot of time and money.

In daily use, the common malfunctions of the car are: can not start, the idle speed love flameout, the abnormal sound, a certain speed when the steering wheel jitter, the tire is abnormal wear, the body is abnormal sloshing, the tail gas is abnormal, the car has odor, oil consumption variation, and so on. Some of these problems can only be solved by doing nothing. Some of them are caused by improper driving. Part of the repair Department of conscience making money, borrowing the car owners for the lack of knowledge of the car, often use the machine to repair the expansion, for example, I saw a car owner to repair the air conditioning is not cool, the repairman changed a compressor assembly for her, the result has not been solved, later inspection, found fault merely lie in Temperature control switch。

Unable to start

Turn the key, the boot machine does not respond, the biggest possibility is the battery is not electricity; if you hear “ Da ” sound, but the engine can not start, the biggest possibility is that the battery power is insufficient, not enough to drive the engine operation.

when the battery voltage is less than 12 volts, the battery is basically dead. In fact, when every battery is going to die, two weeks or even a month, there will be some omen. The concrete form is: the start is not crisp and a little muddy. I have experimented, from the first sign of the above signs that the battery can not start the vehicle completely, after six weeks, if not in winter, time should be longer.

But sometimes, the car couldn't start not because of the lack of electricity, a repairman told me that a car owner had put the gear in the N gear and couldn't start the car, so he called the rescue, white and white spent 100 yuan.

If you want to know the power of the battery, it is more accurate to use the voltmeter. If there is no voltmeter, press a trumpet, and if the sound is crisp, it can basically be found that the battery has more abundant power.

the starting machine is running, but the engine can not start. For the gasoline engine, it only needs to check two factors: — — oil and electricity. Because this is the two basic element of engine work. For part Vehicle model for example, it can be checked by pulling out the high voltage line and connecting the spare spark plugs.

There is no high voltage power, but if the high voltage coil is located at the top of the spark plug, it will have to dismantle the high voltage coil in this way. It is a bit troublesome, and it has to have the corresponding tools.

oil inspection can lift the rear seat, open the plastic cover, and see if there is any sign of burning at the junction of the gasoline pump. Or when you start the motor, feel whether the gasoline pump has a weak vibration. Not a bit of reaction. It may be that the gasoline pump is not working, and the engine is not oil.

Idling and flameout

The current car, in the intake port, exhaust pipe, water tank and other places, all installed with sensors, control unit based on the data sent by the sensor, determine the proportion of air and fuel, as long as the proportion is appropriate, the engine will naturally run smoothly. However, because of some reason, the sensor can not get the correct data, the control unit can not make the correct judgment, the idle speed of idle speed, frequent flameout, which is the result of this.

it is not difficult to check whether the sensors are working normally, but because of the lack of the original vehicle data He Wan table, most owners can not do it. To this, the owner can only do as far as possible, first, each time the refueling, pay attention to the selection of gas stations; second, the manual shift vehicle to avoid the high gear in the state of low speed driving; third, try to avoid frequent short driving.

the reason for such a suggestion is that the above failures are sometimes caused by poor driving practices, and the most common is carbon deposition. In the valve, fuel injector, throttle and other places, if too much carbon deposition or too many impurities, it may cause idle speed instability, easy to stall. For short distance driving or poor driving friends, it is possible to accumulate carbon and reach the level of cleaning if it can not be used for 20 thousand kilometers. But without these two shortcomings, it would be nothing new to clean up 12 kilometer meters.

There is a different noise when driving

the noise of a car is a complex topic. If it is summarized, it can be divided into three parts. The first is the abnormal sound of the power system; the second is the abnormal sound of the chassis; the third is the abnormal sound of the interior.

the interior sound is very good. If it is a new car, it may be that the precision of the plastic parts is not enough, or the defects in the assembly result. If you are using a car, it may be a loose clip. Because all the interior panels in the car are fixed by buckle on the back, buckle is plastic products, and it may loose over time, resulting in abnormal sound.

Power system and chassis abnormal sound, in the process of driving, under the premise of safety, push into the neutral sliding, if the chassis abnormal sound, such as a bearing failure, at this time the abnormal sound will still exist, its sound is very good judgment, is a relatively low “ halogen sound; if pushed into the air, the sound disappears or clear. Obviously, in all likelihood, the abnormal sound of the power system.

the probability of the chassis abnormal sound appears low, the most common is the bearing, bearing is very durable components, but does not exclude that the seal is not strictly imported, resulting in abnormal wear. It is easy to replace bearings, and it can not be used for half an hour, but there must be corresponding tools.

The power system has abnormal sound, mainly metal sound or nonmetallic sound. The former may come from the inside of the cylinder, such as the cylinder; the latter may come from the periphery of the engine, such as the belt. Among them, the belt caused by the abnormal noise is more common, the technical content of the car is not high, because there is no belt tensioner, if the belt is too tight or too loose, it can cause abnormal noise.

the majority of the above failures will not be repaired by the owners themselves. They can only be opened to repair plants.4S store Check and repair.

when the speed of the car is increased, if the steering wheel is slightly flutter, the maximum possibility is the tire dynamic balance misalignment, the next is the possible misalignment of the front wheel positioning, or the abrasion of the steering wheel and the failure of the rubber sleeve.

Watch the wheel you will see that there is a piece of or a number of patches on the rim, the role of which is to increase the weight of the wheel so that the wheel can run steadily and at high speed. Because of the causes of manufacturing and structure, the mass distribution of each part of the wheel can not be very uniform. When the wheel is rotating at a high speed, it will form a dynamic unbalance state, thus causing jitter. To avoid this phenomenon, we need to rely on increasing the counterweight method to balance the wheels. The process of this correction is dynamic equilibrium.

If this small weight falls off, or change the tires, replace the rims, repair the tires, the wheel has a large impact and so on, it is possible to break the original balance of the wheel, at this time please make sure to redo the balance. At the same time, we can not guarantee that every tire shop's dynamic balancing machine is standard. After doing a job in a store, we find that the problem has not been solved, so we have to replace one.

in addition, there are four indicators for front wheel alignment: front wheel toe, front wheel camber, kingpin inclination and kingpin rear tilt. Once these four indicators are changed, it is almost impossible to restore the factory value. In the process of driving, the front wheel is subjected to a greater impact, or it is possible to change the four indicators by driving a horse's teeth. Tire alignment misalignment, not only may cause the front wheel running frequently, but also causes tire wear to aggravate. Therefore, in the face of 25 centimeters tall, the movement of a horse's teeth is very destructive.

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