Subaru: accessories are expensive / uneven in quality and difficult to serve

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foreword: the quality of service of Japanese brands is generally good, but at present, the reporter's investigation in practice is unthinkable. With the arrival of the 3.15 consumer rights day, the number of complaints from the owners has increased very much, and what is the actual situation, and follow the reporter's investigation to see it.

in the Subaru Chen Chen 4S shop, the investigation team entered the shop for 20 minutes, and no salesmen came to receive it.

The "information times" this year “ 3· 15 integrity survey ” since the start of the activities received a number of readers' letters, the owner of the quality of a number of models of the car complaints particularly prominent, including a number of Subaru brand related complaints, caused by 3& middot; 15 investigation team's attention. As early as last year, the newspaper's 3· 15 focused investigation activities, has been exposed to a large number of Subaru's quality and after-sale problems, but one year later, in the new round of investigation, Subaru still has a lot of problems.

case 1: uneven quality, causing vehicle owners' wrath.

in the complaint we received, the new car was poorly sealed, the noise was abnormal when the train was running, and the phenomenon of shock absorber leakage was the most concentrated. One of them was a car owner, which was reflected by a Subaru ROC car he bought in 2008. It occurred many times without a forerunner fault. It took two months to solve it. But after less than two months, the car appeared new problems. The relevant departments have not yet been fully resolved after communication, which makes the owners feel headache and anger.

The car owner's newly bought Chi Peng repeatedly failed

in addition, according to the reporter, in many well-known forums in China, Subaru owners also frequently complained about the quality of their cars.

case 2: high maintenance cost of accessories: Cheng Bengui

unstable quality is enough to make people headache, but in the daily use of vehicles, there are always unavoidable unexpected accidents. Taking Subaru limousine as an example, the cost of replacing a headlight is more than 9 times more than the accord, and the owner of the car will cost 5765 yuan to replace the front windshield of the vehicle, and the cost of the material for the front windshield is only 800 yuan. The daily maintenance costs, such as oil and air filtration, are only a hundred yuan more expensive than the accord, but the total cost of the forest and forest will be a small amount. Because the owner can not buy parts outside, once the car has problems, it can only be repaired to the 4S store, and the 4S shop needs to charge the labor time fee, and so on, even if it is a small fault, it may also take more money to repair.

the price of Sony lion's headlights is 9 times higher than that of accord.

In addition, the Subaru brand has always been famous for its sports performance, with its proud horizontal opposed engine and AWD four wheel drive technology frequently appearing in various types of automobile events at home and abroad.

There is no doubt that advanced but complex technology can make good results on the field, but the cost behind the performance is high maintenance cost. Perhaps this is not a problem for the spendthrift sports, but for our vast number of owners, it is another taste.

case 3: outlets can not meet the existing after-sales service.

According to the statistics published by Subaru, the total sales volume of Subaru in 2009 reached 35 thousand, but the domestic after-sales service outlets did not increase, and the pace of new network outlets was basically in a state of stagnation in the last two years. According to the reporter's observation, except for Beijing, basically, there are only 1~2 4S stores on average in every tier city. What about second tier cities? It's more unimaginable. Taking Guangzhou as an example, there are still only two 4S stores providing the original maintenance service. There is no doubt that this is far from meeting the needs of the owners, and it has resulted in long maintenance and lack of good service for many owners.

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