FAW Pentium car owner: two face service before sale / after sale

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-12

formal 4S shop after sale repair area appears other brand maintenance vehicle, order management confusion. Behind the praise voice applauded by the new car market, there is still unimaginable confusion in management.

Last week, in our newspaper “ 3· 15 good faith ” in the big survey, the investigation group found the strange thing about the BMW shop in the racetrack of Guangdong. The most important thing is that it not only repairs Pentium, repairs every brand in the workshop, and cars of various models can be seen everywhere. We were very puzzled. How did the Pentium repair workshop become a street car repair plant? In the repair workshop, there is not a little order and working environment in the car shop. The investigation team was a big hit. At present, the situation of the store has not improved much.

specializing in Pentium regular shop, but outside the shop, a BMW is waiting for repair.

consumer complaints after sale become “ Sun Tzu ”

The head of the Guangzhou consumer committee once told reporters that the market now sells consumers as “ God ” after sale when “ Sun Tzu ” the phenomenon is very common. And in the Pentium franchise store, the consumer may not enjoy the “ God ” the treatment, and after sale to “ Sun Tzu ” the phenomenon seems more common.

Case 1:

a Zhejiang Pentium B70 car owner said that the FAW Pentium 2 automatic new vehicle in March 2008 was less than more than 2000 kilometers away from the water tank. The more than 3000 kilometer gearbox cooling pipe leakage caused the gearbox problems (4S workers are filled with the gearbox oil, oil is sprayed out of the burst mouth, the first guarantee has not been done). When a more than 4000 kilometre was first insured, the horn was broken. “ it's just 1000 kilometers of bad things. What's the quality of the car? The FAW is still dead and I don't handle it? It has completely lost faith in Pentium. ”

The 1000 kilometre of B70 is a bad thing? The quality is worrying

Case 2:

A Shanghai Pentium owner reflected that his Pentium was bought in August 25, 2007 in Shanghai, FAW in Shanghai green space 4S shop, the model was 08 type 2 luxury type, in the driving process, first found the right deviation and tail gas pipe noise phenomenon, after the 4S shop maintenance to solve the problem. In November 15, 2007, when 9800KM did 2 guarantees at 4S shop, it found that the gearbox was leaking oil (without any accident). At that time, the gearbox was asked to be replaced by 4S shop and FAW. At that time, the 4S shop said that the oil pan of the transmission was not well sealed, so long as it was removed and reinstalled. The result was that in January 29, 2008 13800KM I went to the 4S shop for third maintenance and found the gearbox oil leakage was very serious, the inspection found that the oil was leaked from the gearbox and the side. Now the 4S shop and FAW still do not agree to change the gearbox. They say it is necessary to add the glossy agent to the gearbox and find the location of the oil leakage, then decide whether to repair or replace it. I want to replace the gearbox assembly. FAW does not agree. The two sides are deadlocked.

gearbox failure, consumer demand is difficult to achieve

introspection on the serious lag of factory management

a car brand is not built to sell products to consumers. If an enterprise wants to survive in the cruel competition, management is very important.

On the status of Guangdong material Tong Bao Jun shop, such business situation, manufacturers have never been aware, or after detection, it is not only asked, such enterprises, how can consumers give confidence.

In fact, in the case of national complaints, there are many cases of complaints, but as the consumers of the disadvantaged group, it is not at the time to meet the problem and to find the theory of dealers or manufacturers. But from the situation of consumers, the dealers and manufacturers tend to shirk their responsibilities with various reasons. Regardless of the interests of the consumer. What is the difference between this practice and &ldquo and chronic suicide &rdquo?

as a fast growing independent brand, FAW Pentium needs to maintain its brand image, but it has repeatedly disappointed consumers. We expect that manufacturers can face up to management mistakes and improve the status quo as soon as possible under the supervision of the media.

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