How to wash your car properly in hot summer days to teach you to walk out of the car wash erroneous

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In July, the hot weather is so hot and hot that we can escape the heat from the air conditioner in the car for the time being, but don't forget that the hard work car also needs &ldquo at this time; the summer ” it's not so quick to take a cool shower for it! Today we'll talk about the car washing.

The owners of the car wash their own car, subject to the restrictions and restrictions of the site, equipment, experience, technology and other factors, it is impossible to do the professional standard like a regular car wash shop. Therefore, the car owner in the process of their own hands-on car washing should pay more attention to some easy to ignore details, out of the car wash “ taboo ” can be in the love car “ cool ” at the same time, do twice the effort.

taboo 1: wash the vehicle without clear water, wipe the car directly with a rag.

Injury index:

Car after a long drive, there will be plenty of dust on the body. Even if the naked eye looks clean, there will still be tiny dust that is hard to detect with the naked eye on the surface of the car paint.

If the vehicle is washed without water in advance and the body is wiped directly with a rag, the dust on the body is easily in the &ldquo of the rag; it drives the ” below, the &ldquo on the surface of the car paint; the violent friction movement ” the car paint is scratched. For a long time, the body lacquer will become “ scar &rdquo. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner wash the dust on the surface of the paint with clean water before washing the car, and then wash the car underneath.

Taboo two: in the strong Sunshine The lower car wash

Injury index:

wash the car in strong sunlight. The water droplets on the body are equivalent to a small convex lens. The direct sunlight is concentrated by water droplets, and the heat is concentrated. After washing the car in the sun, many owners found many small spots on the surface of the car paint, which was caused by car washing in the sun. So, the best way to wash the car is to find a cool space or a cool evening. There is a place to be able to pick up the water near the parking place, and try not to wash the car in the strong afternoon sun.

Taboo three: a bucket of water to the end

Injury index:

Everyone should develop a good habit of saving water in daily life, but when you do the car washing, it is better not to be too &ldquo to the car; stingy ” “ it is not advisable to use a bucket of water for &rdquo.

Because after washing several times of the rag, there will be a lot of dust and impurities in the water. If the water is not changed in time, the dust in the water will also attach to the rag. In the process of wiping the body, the car paint is scratched and the car paint is damaged. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner should change the water promptly after washing the 2~3 dishcloth to ensure a good car wash effect.

Taboo four: no car washing after rain

Injury index:

many owners thought that after the rain, vehicles had been washed clean and there was no need to wash the car again. This idea was too subjective.

rainwater contains acidic ingredients. If the car is not washed in time after the rain, the acidic components will be attached to the surface of the car paint and cause damage to the car paint. Moreover, when driving on rainy days, the sludge on the road will splash on the surface of the car body. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will not only affect the beautiful appearance of the vehicle, but also be bad for the car paint. Therefore, if the weather clears after the rain, the owner is advised to wash the vehicle in time.

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