New pattern of vehicle App: abandoning burning money and tearing homogeneous labels

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-12

Under the nest, there are no eggs, monopoly and centralization are happening in the Internet car industry, especially in Ali, Tencent handshake and the drop of fast merger, Baidu crazy investment Uber, easy to, 51 cars in the background, how to win the market, is no longer the initial amount of money is so simple. In recent days, Uber, trickle down, AA car rental, car rental and other enterprises have driven different styles of competition strategy, advancing towards the differential route.

Platform thinking

there are great advantages. In all kinds of competition strategies, there is no doubt that we have chosen a large and complete platform route. After two months, the drop is fast. The president Liu Qing was the first to disclose the strategic planning of the new industry giant for the first time, and the rapid integration of the taxi taxi business, which was the starting point of the company, and the expansion of special cars, carpooles, and driving services exposed the ambition of the fast rule of the Internet.

“ carpool is the hot spot at present, but some companies are actually doing the &lsquo under the banner of carpool, and cheap &rsquo. &rdquo, in the eyes of Zhu Jingshi, the head of the strategy department, seems to have decided that the carpool and the car are not good, and that the fast - dripping is not afraid of the preconceived competitors. “ compared with the carpool business, excluding &lsquo, cheap car &rsquo, the company's carpool business is very small. ”

It is reported that the fast car backbone team is currently in charge of driving service in Hangzhou, which is one of the key points of the next step, while in “ No. 1 express ” after the line, the other &ldquo of the fast dripping car, &rdquo, and will be online soon. This expansion of ambition is even reflected in the “ No. 1 school bus ” the business in this rumor is not impossible for the fast - dropping insiders.

Baidu with similar platform thinking and layout through crazy investment. Prior to this, Baidu has become an investor of Uber and is behind the merger scandal. Recently, Baidu has invested heavily in 51 cars and two car sharing companies. Many people are concerned about the importance of Baidu's capital to car companies, but often neglect the ambition of Baidu's final entry.

As we all know, Baidu has Baidu map as a high quality mobile travel entrance, now has access to Uber, daily car, 51 vehicles and other investment chain partners, but with Baidu special car, the unified export of Baidu to customers. Baidu even specialized in the introduction of new “ ” service vigorously promoted, the “ the first single dollar ” subsidies.

the analysts believe that the monopoly of the car market will be concentrated on the level of the entrance monopoly, and the enterprises with strong capital will strive to create a platform to leave the users in a single platform “ one stop to complete the demand for various types of vehicle ” at present, this kind of large-scale entrance is still the world of BAT.

Local subsidies

despite the fast drop of &ldquo, the rational competition for &rdquo by giving up the burning of money; as one of the reasons for the merger, it does not impede the continuation of the partial subsidy war. AA car rental launched &ldquo in recent days; 28 plan ” the first phase invested 1 billion resources, 200 million yuan used to pull 100 million new users, and 800 million yuan for feedback to the old users. This is actually different from the previous focus on “ pulling the new user &rdquo, the subsidy war.

this strategy depends on the development strategy of AA car rental. AA car rental vice president Li Xiaodan frankly, because of the model, AA car rental will not take private car to join the rapid expansion of the model, but the pursuit of the user retention rate, so a good user experience is crucial.

“ it is usually three times to have a clear sense of vehicle service to decide whether to be a loyal user ” Li Xiaodan introduced, therefore, “ four see the ” the strategy, give the user the four experience, the premise is the optimization and upgrading of the AA rental car service, and this will be the AA behind the subsidy. The core development direction of car renting.

the same is the subsidy, the car rental car service brand car rental car is still focused on “ pull the new ” phase, according to its recently started “ the national free step car ” the program, the users of useful car demand as long as registered car rental car and through the related tenant certification, can be free to get a daily rent of 200 yuan for free. The right to use a step car in one day.

The initiating node of the plan is the Shanghai auto show during the Shanghai auto show, which is also a very popular short renting business; May 1 ” before the holiday, the founder and CEO Li Rubin, the founder of Baojia car, hoped to provide consumers with a choice in addition to buying a car. &ldquo, as a new emerging thing that began in China last year, the outside world has a very limited understanding of the shared rental car platform represented by a car rental car, and the recognition is not high ” Li Rubin said that the purpose of the car rental is to improve market attention as far as possible, whether it is a huge subsidy or a celebrity endorsement. Volkswagen awareness, to attract more users to try at a lower cost of trial and error.

Marketing gimmicks

in addition to conventional competition, car companies are racking their brains to attract users. Just last weekend, Uber launched &ldquo, Uber Dream&rdquo in Beijing universities, and face-to-face activities for top executives. On the day of the activity, &ldquo, Uber Dream&rdquo, and buttons were displayed at the bottom of the Uber App page, and students called for a ride in the designated area. The lucky students will have the opportunity to call a senior car with CEO or senior executives around the campus, take the car and top executives with &ldquo, one to one &rdquo, interview and exchange, and have the opportunity to get full-time job or internship opportunities in the enterprise.

Uber market personnel Huang Xue introduced the participation of “ Uber Dream” activities of a total of 22 CEO and executives, including Uber, LinkedIn,EvErnote, people's livelihood, electricity providers and other well-known enterprises, open technology, marketing, design, human resources and other positions. Guo Zhelin, founder of fashion e-commerce, told Beijing business newspaper reporter that he was a loyal user of Uber. On the one hand, they were involved in this activity. On the one hand, the activities were fresh and interesting; on the other hand, they hoped to find the right university talent, “ the students who were able to participate in this activity were interested in the technology industry at least &rdquo.

There are also analysts pointing out that the Internet user group has expanded from white-collar workers to all walks of life, such as Uber's &ldquo, people GI &rdquo, price tight taxi, and one of the main user groups.

there is no coincidence that two days ago, &ldquo was launched very quickly. The &rdquo of women's cars was only allowed by women from drivers to passengers. In the fast way, security is the most important problem for the users of the Internet. It is also one of the reasons why the policy is still unresolved. Women are the important service groups in the car market and have higher demand for safety and service.

In fact, no matter what Uber or dripping is fast, the master of concept marketing, especially Uber, has already introduced &ldquo, star driver &rdquo, &ldquo, &rdquo, &ldquo, &rdquo, and “ and other creative functional tests. One unnamed domestic car enterprise manager thinks, “ called ship ” “ called aircraft ” it is not practical, and can not form scale effect, but it is no doubt a good marketing idea, Uber is worth learning from domestic enterprises, “ marketing does not necessarily have to burn money subsidy user ”

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