Extend tire life 20% before and after rotation to effectively reduce wear

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-12

“ weekend self driving tour has been running for a long time, followed by rainy days. ” Mr. Luo, the owner of the car, called for consultation, and came back to find that the front wheel tire was more worn than the rear wheel tire, and the rain drove a bit slippery, &ldquo. ”

“ when most owners encounter similar problems with Mr. Luo, they think of changing their tire. &rdquo, manager of a large automobile maintenance center in Foshan, introduced the concept of tire transposition, but it was not clear when and how many kilometres of the transposition.

“ most cars are front-end engines, so the front wheel load is larger, and steering control is also needed. The front wheel wears faster than the rear wheel. &rdquo, Mr. Zheng said, in addition to the different angle of the front and rear axle suspension positioning, the tire wear and wear position are different, so in order to prolong the service life of the tire and eliminate the safety hazard caused by partial grinding, it is necessary to change the tires to be transposition of &ldquo regularly, and the wheel is &rdquo, in order to ensure that each tire can be reached. The balance of work intensity and reasonable transposition can prolong the service life of tires by 20%.

Transposition of the tire is not to change, usually, the front wheel driven vehicles should be transposed every 8000 km, while the four wheel drive vehicles need to transpose at every 6000 km. The front wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles are cross transposition or direct alignment with the front and rear wheels. “ if there has been no more than 20000 kilometers of displacement, tire wear has been formed, do not tire transposition. &rdquo, manager Zheng reminded, otherwise there may be a deviation phenomenon.

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