Rust oxidation of car Say No by 7 great trick of automobile antirust

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-12

Body is Car the face, so the car body maintenance is the problem that the owner can not ignore, especially in the south of the rainy weather, it seems that the rust oxidation is also a common cause of the maintenance of the owner of the pain. Xiao Bian today recommends several tips to effectively prevent rusty oxidation of cars.

Skill 1: be wary of minor injuries

The surface of the car paint often appears rust, in addition to the common collision, scraping, when the car's tyre is played on the lacquer surface, it will also make the surface of the lacquer face a little peeling spot. It will produce small rust spot for a long time. These small scars are easily ignored because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, regular inspection of Carbodies, engine hatch covers and body around is necessary.

Technique 2: check the humidity in the water area

In the course of the vehicle, it is unavoidable to meet the rain and snow weather or through the muddy water pavement. The sludge is deposited easily at the bottom of the body and the floor of the car, such as the car owners do not wash them in time, which will allow the moisture to be hidden. Therefore, for the inner and outer rim of the hub, the bottom corner of the door, the trunk, the key hole of the car and the movable part of the wiper frame, it should be checked regularly. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the flow of the sewerage holes in the car door and the body parts, check the moisture of the cover in the car, such as carpets, etc., to prevent the rusting of the floor parts.

Skill 3: glaze the soft paint

some soft paint vehicles may also cause fine marks on the body when driving at high speed. For this kind of car, the body can be glaze. It can form a netted and firm protective film to improve the hardness of the paint surface. The effect can be maintained for about a year. And the coating can also play a similar role. In addition, the chassis armored or plastic can be carried out at the bottom of the vehicle, which can protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion protection, so that the original protective layer is not easy to crack and fall off, and can also prevent the collision between small and medium stones to the chassis.

Skill 4: it's best not to cover the car

Car park in the outdoor, if it meets the windy and rainy weather, the inner layer of the car will repeatedly draw the car paint, especially if the car is blown into the sand, it will draw numerous fine scratches on the body, and a long time will cause the lacquer surface. In addition, do not clean the body of sand directly with a duster or cloth after wind sand, and should be washed with clean water, as well as to prevent the sand from the duster and the cloth on the duster to scratch the surface.

Technique 5: handle small rust spots by yourself

for the slight scratches or rusts that have appeared in the car body, if the owners are free to rust, they are not worth the car beauty shop. Then, the owner can use his own simple way to deal with it.

Technique 6: the paint pen can handle the scars

if rust is not very serious, first use very fine water sand paper dipped in water to gently remove rust spots, but avoid grinding without direction. After the finish is completely cleaned, a layer of primer is coated. If the new scratch, wipe it and apply it directly to the primer. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with the original paint, it can wait until the primer is dry, then use the sandpaper to grind it, and coat the original paint on the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a paint brush and paint with a paint brush. Although this treatment does not go to the beauty shop treatment effect is good, but if it is small or not eye - catching scar, it can also play a role in preventing the expansion of rust and aggravation.

Technique 7: toothpaste can be temporarily rustproof

Use ordinary toothpaste to deal with it. When new small scars are found, apply toothpaste to the scratches. Don't forget to apply it after the rain or the car wash. This generally reduces scratching marks, and can also play a simple role in preventing rust. Especially the white car paint, the effect is most obvious.

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