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rainy days in summer bring many troubles to owners as they wash away dust. Recently, a number of car dealers in Dongguan have learned that the number of owners who use the car maintenance techniques on rainy days has increased significantly. In this regard, many dealers said that this is due to the previous period of “ the water car ” the event made the owners of the car, so the care of the car is also greatly improved. Then, how can we ensure that the car is still normal after rain? The relevant experts here will answer all of you.

To prepare for a rainy day, 5 parts are checked first

rainy days are more complicated than sunny days, so owners should check their cars without rain. So, which parts need to be checked before rain? According to Mr. Xiao, the general manager of the Shanghai Volkswagen brand Liaobu store, we should examine the five parts of the tire, the wiper, the air conditioner, the drainage hole and the light.

Xiao indicates that the state of the tire will directly affect the safety of the driving in the rainy day, the tire wear is easy to skid, and the pressure is too high or too low to cause the tire. So, before the rain check, you must never forget the tires. Speaking of the wiper, Xiao said that the old wiper blade can not only clean the rain, but will become an obstacle to the driving line. Therefore, the performance of the wiper shall be checked in the wet condition of the front baffle. As for the air conditioning, how to disperse the fog in the summer rainy days, to keep the wind direction of the air vent in the proper position on the front baffle, to ensure that the line of sight is not affected by the fog. In addition, if the drainage hole is blocked by fallen leaves and other debris, it will lead to rainwater infiltration into the cab when it rains. The last is the light. When driving on rainy days, the fog lamps should be opened before and after the rain.

Driving in a rainy day, 4 taboos should be kept in mind

after the inspection of vehicles before the rain, the safety guarantee is enhanced. But if the owners have &ldquo in rainy weather, the dangerous behavior &rdquo will not play much role before the rain. Therefore, Xiao put forward four suggestions to the breeding.

One is to avoid driving. Keeping safe distance is an effective way to prevent collisions. The safe distance between driving vehicles on rainy days should be 5 times that of sunny days, that is, 20 Miso; two, avoiding traffic trips. If the water depth exceeds half of the diameter of the wheel, the owner should wait for the water to drain before moving. When the water depth is less than half the diameter of the wheel, it must be kept at a low speed. Because of high speed when splashing high, and the engine suction is large, it is easy to breathe the water into the cylinder, leading to the &ldquo of the vehicle; the large paralysis of ” and three is to avoid frequent tangent. Xiao said that the train line of sight is worse on rainy days. If the owners are still driving back and forth in this situation, the hidden danger is self-evident; four is to avoid emergency brake. Because the rain is slippery and the braking distance is 5 times that of a clear day, the danger of emergency braking can be imagined.

Travel by water, two inspection must not be less

a few days ago, a reporter in a vehicle maintenance department saw that several cars that were damaged by the rain and caused damage to the engine were being overhauled. Zou Zhihao, the technical manager of the shop, told reporters that the owners of this week's shop or call to consult the rainy days were significantly increased, and the owners were most worried about the legacy of a rainy day. “ in fact, if the water is not deep enough, the speed of the vehicle will not be fast enough, and there will be no major problems when driving. ”

Zou Zhihao suggested that the majority of owners should take two inspections in time to avoid potential safety hazards. First, check the brakes. When the water is waded, the brake system is easily affected, then the brake pedal should be stepped lightly. This can not only check the braking effect, but also speed up the process of discharging the rain. Two is to check the engine wave box. If the wave box penetrates into the rainwater, it will cause the wave box oil to deteriorate, thus shortening the life of the wave box, so we need to check it in time.

In addition, Zou Zhihao also reminds the owner of the car, if he loves the car after the water is dead, he should call the trailer in time, and the blind start may cause more harm to the car.

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