Maintenance of five continuous rings of love cars in rainy days

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Wet and muddy water in a rainy environment, too Car the enemy. On rainy days, if a car engine fails or the problem of poor braking function suddenly appears, it will cause trouble to the owner. In such a weather, it is the work that owners should do seriously to protect their cars.

Engine and circuit

the most important thing in rainy days is the &ldquo of the car; the &rdquo of the heart; the maintenance of the engine. On rainy days, a vehicle owner will run into a problem that the engine is not easy to start. Sometimes, even if it is barely started, it will be feeble. The biggest cause of this trouble is the leakage of electricity caused by humidity in the ignition system. once Because of the humidity of the ignition system causing bad ignition and engine performance, dry paper towel or dry cloth can be used to dry the inside and outside of the disks and wires temporarily. If it is because of the aging leakage, it is necessary to change it in time. Rainy days often involve wading. After wading, the performance of vehicles is reduced due to multiple water intake, which can cause the car to run normally. This, of course, is probably caused by the leakage of electricity from the ignition system. Because cloudy rainwater is the best conductor, and the circuit is likely to cause short circuit after encountering water. Experts suggest that if the engine suddenly flameout in the course of sudden fire do not restart, it should be a little time or get off the circuit check, otherwise it is very easy to cause the engine to be scrapped. When the vehicle passes through the water smoothly, the circuit equipment should be carried out in time. Maintenance you can wipe the circuit one by one with paper towel or dry cloth, and then start it again.

Brakes and tires

The possibility of sideslip in a vehicle is more likely to appear in a rainy day. In addition to good driving habits and skills, the good condition of the brakes and tires is also the key to safe driving. Most of the car braking systems are dual pipe vacuum assisted hydraulic braking. The brake fluid with transfer power has strong water absorption. If there is water entering the brake fluid, during the braking process, the high temperature of friction will produce water vapor. The gas is compressible and compressed in the brake fluid, resulting in failure or even failure of the brake. Experts recommend that some brake fluid can absorb water more seriously and can see water droplets on the cover of the brake fluid oil cup. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance so as to ensure the safety of the occupants. Once the vehicle brake fluid is seriously absorbed, it should be sent to the professional. Maintenance Store water.

if the tire wear is serious and the tread pattern is disappearing before the rain comes, it must be replaced. Some people reduce the tire pressure in the rainy season. The purpose is to increase the friction area between the tires and the ground, and then increase the adhesion. In fact, it is counterproductive, so it is more easy to cause the skidding of the tire, so it is very important to keep the normal tire pressure.

Wiper and car light

the increase in rain on rainy days is bound to give more responsibilities to the wipers, and the inspection and maintenance of wipers should be more careful. Because the rain on the road and the line of sight are not conducive to driving, if the wiper can not be very good to brush off the rain, it will bring great danger to the safety of traffic, at this time the wiper plays a very important role, so the inspection and maintenance of it should be more careful. The owner of the car can put the wiper switch at various speed positions, and pay attention to whether a rain brush has vibration and abnormal noise in the work, check whether the brush keeps a certain speed at different speed, observe the state of the scraping and whether there is an uneven or leakage image of the scraping rod.

any of these two faults means that the blades of the wiper blades are damaged. At this point, you can pull up the wiper and touch it with your fingers on the rubber wiper blade to see if there is any damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blades are aged, hardened or cracked, they should be replaced in time. The work of changing blades is not complicated. You can do it yourself. Remember to figure out what kind of windshield wiper blade the car uses.

Clean the body of the body

the acid composition in rainwater has a strong corrosive effect on the automobile varnish. Therefore, in the rainy season, it is best to give the car a paint beauty. The simplest thing is to wax, more Long Long, more effective is to carry out the glaze beauty, to the car to wear a invisible protective coat, to prevent the fading color of the paint aging, let the beautiful car often accompanied by around. Besides the lacquer surface, the chassis is very easy to rust because it is close to the ground. So we must pay attention to the cleaning and antirust treatment of the chassis. Chassis maintenance is usually done by a professional vehicle maintenance center. Once the chassis is rustproof, the antirust effect can be maintained for 3 months or even longer.

Pay attention to bacteria removal

The temperature rise of rain and weather High Humid air is the golden season for the multiplication and growth of all kinds of pathogens. If we do not pay attention to the hygiene and control of bacteria in the car, it will easily lead to diseases. We should do a good job of cleaning the dead corners of car seats and air outlets. We should use interior cleaning agents to clean and disinfect the control desk and door. Self interested car owners can use professional automotive interior cleaners and wipe with dry dishcloth when cleaning interior trim. It is worth noting that cleaning the central console should prevent the penetration of detergent.CD loudspeaker, radio and other electrical equipment, so as not to accidentally corrosion the electrical components inside the car. Experts recommend that if the mouldy smell of the car is very heavy, actually heating a car for a while can dry the mold inside the car. On sunny days, the car can be parked in the sun and exposed to the sun, opening windows to let the air in the car fully convection.

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