Interpretation of mist removal method for automobile front windshield in winter and Autumn

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-12

As long as the AC light is bright, the air conditioning compressor is started. When the compressor is started in this case, we need not its refrigeration function, but the dehumidification function. So even in the winter, you adjust the temperature to the heat in the car and can open the AC when there is fog. This time the compressor only has dehumidification function, it comes out dry. Heat.

1. summer rainy days:

because of rain, fenestration and convection can not be used. The following operations should be carried out:

external circulation mode -> maximum wind -> adjust to lower temperature -> outlet outlet windshield mode -> turn on the air conditioner.

of course, if the weather is relatively cold, the more suitable way is to turn on the air conditioner first, and then turn on the heater after the frost mist disperses. Opening the cooling air can reduce the temperature of the front windshield rapidly and make the frost fog lose the condensation condition.

2. spring and autumn season:

it's not too cold. But when it's foggy, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner without hot air. It's very easy to open windows and convection.

3. winter:

Method 1: after the hot car, turn on the ventilating fan and adjust it to the outer circulation, and turn the outlet to the front windshield, and use the hot air for 10 minutes. But the effect is slow, the advantages do not increase energy consumption.

Method two: it is also the most effective way!

Hot car -> confirm water temperature at normal working temperature -> external circulation mode -> maximum wind force -> adjust to maximum temperature -> air vent front windshield mode -> open air conditioning


remind the winter if the water temperature meter does not go to the middle scale, do not open the warm air to remove fog, which is bad for the engine.

the cold and hot air knob can be adjusted to the position of the cold air, and the outer loop can be played. The position knob is in the mist removal position, the blower and the minimum gear.

wait until the water temperature meter rises to the normal working temperature, then the cold air is adjusted to the hot air, and the knob is adjusted to normal position. This protects both the engine and the fog.

Other methods

turn the air conditioner to the windshield, turn on the air conditioning switch and let the compressor work to dehumidification. However, at this time, if the temperature control knob is transferred to the cold wind gear, the person in the car will be unable to stand cold, so the temperature knob can be placed in the warm air position to achieve the purpose of removing the fog and heating the heat.

Automatic air conditioning is easy to remove fog, open automatic air conditioning, switch the mode switch to mist eliminator, then the air conditioner automatically converts to the external circulation, the outside fresh air enters the cab, and the mist begins. If it is a manual air conditioner, the wind switch should first be transferred to the mist eliminator, and the external circulation is started to blow the fresh air, and the compressor and wind speed can be adjusted to the highest speed. If the sensory side glass is not fast enough to mist, it is better to close the two central outlet, so that the air flow on both sides of the air outlet can be quickly blown away, and the fogging can be accelerated by the proper opening of the window.

in addition, special fog eliminator can also be used to remove mist. The special glass cleaning antifogging agent is sprayed to the automobile glass and wiped clean. While cleaning the glass dirt, a thin layer of protective film can be formed on the glass. It can effectively prevent the vapour formed by condensation on the glass. Treat it.

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