Daily car tips import tires are not always the best choice

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-11

imported tires are not necessarily the best choice

when buying imported tyres of various brands, some people inevitably enter the wrong area of purchase. Many consumers are more willing to choose imported tyres for psychological reasons. In fact, the new tyres introduced abroad are too expensive for domestic users, and they are not necessarily applicable.

To wash the car on rainy days

washing cars on rainy days is not only because of dirty cars, but also to protect car paints. It is also necessary to wash the car on rainy days, so that dust, tar and resin adhered to the surface of the paint can be removed to keep the paint smooth. If a layer of oil protective film is applied on the lacquer surface, it can prevent the rain from corroding the paint directly.

Do not rely too much on the reversing radar

When the owner of the car is back to the warehouse, it often depends on the visible radar. In fact, this is not good, especially the novice driver. If the car is unable to determine the distance of the obstacle, it is better to get off and check the car first.

Of course, it is undeniable that the reversing radar is a good auxiliary equipment. It can greatly reduce the blind area of the rearview mirror, but it must not be entirely dependent on its prompt, and it needs to be checked regularly. The failure should be repaired in time so as to avoid the hidden danger. In fact, reversing radar is not an absolute guarantee for reversing safety. Sometimes, too much reliance on reversing radar may even increase the risk factor of accidents. “ the blind area ” let the astern radar be powerless.

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