In the rain and fog weather, we must avoid the bright lights

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Car how lights are used, not everyone knows, especially for novices. Some people in the night drive even forget to turn on the lights, and some people do not know how to use the light in the rainy day, and the people in the city even in the community wantonly open a long light. A long light on the end of the driver, the glare of the far light not only can shake the eye pain, but also seriously affect the line of sight, especially in the road lighting is not a very ideal road, far light lights are more important factors to induce traffic accidents. In fact, in the daytime and night, a considerable number of accidents are caused by car owners who do not understand the correct use of light signals, especially during the rainy night. Therefore, it is very important for a motorist to use the lighting signal correctly.

A fog warning with a fog lamp

fog lamps are divided into front fog lamps and rear fog lamps. When visibility is less than 30 meters, they often play a strong warning role. Usually fog lamps are bright and penetrable, allowing each other to observe their position in the car or after vehicle. But usually strong light will make the other party feel uncomfortable to the car, affecting the driver's line of sight. Fog lamps can also be used in some heavy rain and heavy snow weather to improve visibility of vehicles and remind other vehicles or pedestrians to pay attention.

Reminding: some owners are accustomed to open double flashing lights in heavy rain, which can increase the visibility of the car, but lose the function of direction hint, so it is generally not recommended. In case of emergency, it can be used with the fog lamp at the same time.

A long light lamp should not be open to the end

illegal use of high beam has become a widely criticized bad habit of driving. Owners do not have street lighting or street lighting, and in order to see more distant traffic conditions, they often use high beams. But if you are driving a high beam when you are crossing the bus, it will lead to a blind spot in the driver's field of vision, which can easily lead to traffic accidents.

it is worth mentioning that during the driving process, the headlight can also be used as a light signal for other vehicles. For example, when the red light switches to the green light, the owner in front of the car is not aware of it. The rear vehicle can flash the flash light reminder. If the two cars meet, they will be flashed by the distant light from the opposite vehicle. If you want to light up two, you can remind the vehicle to turn off the high beam. If the other side has not noticed, the owner can open the double flash to protest and take the initiative to slow down. Accordingly, if the rear vehicle is found to flash three far light, it may be a friendly reminder of the car: the door is not closed, the tire is flat and so on, then the car is best to stop to check.

Reminding: it is best not to use a long light lamp in the rain and fog, because the angle of the light light is easy to make the light scattering larger and the penetration of the fog day is the worst. Also, in the community do not open a long light, in addition to the eyes of the residents are difficult to suffer, it is easy to see the two sides of the situation, aggravate the danger, the correct way is, open near light, slowly driving.

Change the road to turn the turning light should be timely

in the case of accident caused by improper use of light, there is one of the most common reasons for the sudden change of road and no turning light, or turning the turning light on, making the vehicle behind the vehicle unprepared, so that the collision and rear end accident occur.

In fact, how to use the steering lamp, the traffic regulations stipulate that the motor vehicles start, leave the parking lot, the left turn lane, the left turn and turn the left turn light; the right turn on the right turn to the right and the roadside parking, the right turn light must be opened, the turn on the turning on the turning intersection is 100~30 meters, and the rear car will signal the signal to signal the rear car. Wait.

Reminding: it is worth mentioning that driving a road from a small intersection at night, such as a left out of the road, because the light is not enough, it may be difficult to find a car going out. At this point, the owner can flash down the headlights or open the double flash to give hints, which can effectively reduce the risk. Finally, the owners must make sure that all the light switches on the car are turned off, not turning on the lights and turning on the lights are wrong driving habits.

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